Learning & Development

Free Videoconferencing Tool Offers Options for Training

A new, enterprise-grade interaction platform gives employers an opportunity to use videoconferencing without the cost and complexity of traditional videoconferencing and webinar tools, according to the company that released it.


LiveH2H’s Corporate Program, which is free and available on nearly any mobile device, gives employers access to videoconferencing for corporate training sessions, recruiting and interviewing, hosting webinars, and conducting internal and external online meetings.

Except for “screenshare” on certain browsers, there is no need to download software or install browser plug-ins, explains LiveH2H, an iTutorGroup company. “That eliminates two major barriers to online interaction: company security policies that prohibit downloads and plug-ins, and the frustration that some users experience trying to figure out how to install third-party software.”

The corporate program suite includes H2H Learn, which enables employers to offer online training courses using live and recorded content. LiveH2H touts that feature as being “ideal for maximizing the expertise and productivity of internal and third-party experts because they no longer have to travel to multiple offices to train everyone.” In addition, users have access to quizzes, participant tracking, and other tools.