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Does Your City Have the Most Engaged Workers?

Quantum Workplace, an HR technology company known for its “Best Places to Work” program, recently released its list of most engaged cities in the U.S.engaged employees

The research conducted examines over half a million employees at more than 8,700 best places to work across the U.S. Participants are asked questions about key factors affecting employee engagement, including perceptions of teamwork, trust in leaders, job satisfaction, and benefits.

Quantum Workplace aggregated contest data from 47 cities to identify locations with the highest percentage of engaged employees. In order to be considered for the list, each city needed at least 30 participating organizations in the “Best Places to Work” contest.

The survey uses a six-point Likert scale, and employees are classified as engaged when their average score is between five and six. All surveys were collected from January 1, 2016 to December 31, 2016.

Cities ranged from having 77% of engaged employees to 70% of engaged employees, a gap of 7 percentage points. On average, 73% of employees were engaged in the top 10 cities.

The following cities, ranked highest by percent of engaged employees, include:

  1. Chicago, Illinois—77.27%
  2. Austin, Texas—75.68%
  3. Huntsville, Alabama—74.59%
  4. Miami-Dade, Florida—73.32%
  5. Sacramento, California—73.21%
  6. Atlanta, Georgia—73.00%
  7. Washington, D.C.—72.49%
  8. Charlotte, North Carolina—71.71%
  9. Nashville, Tennessee—71.30%
  10. Denver, Colorado—70.83%

This is Chicago’s first year in the top 10 cities. Four cities have been on the top 10 list 5 years in a row: Nashville, Washington, D.C., Miami-Dade, and Austin.

“Employee engagement is critical to a city’s economic growth; area leaders and chambers of commerce should be doing all they can to train organizations in employee engagement,” said Quantum Workplace CEO, Greg Harris—in a press release of the findings.

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