The Industry with the Most Jobs

The widespread worker shortage has recruiters struggling to fill open positions. Yet, a new report from job search portal CareerCast suggests one industry faces more challenges than others.

According to the report, eight of the 10 most in-demand jobs are in health care.

What the Numbers Show

The CareerCast report, based on data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), finds these are the most in-demand jobs for 2017, as determined by growth percentage forecasts and total number of new positions projected.

Profession Growth
New Job Openings Expected Through 2024
1. Home Health Aide 38% 348,400
2. Physical Therapist 34% 71,800
3. Emergency Medical Technician 24% 58,500
4. Nurse Practitioner 31% 53,400
5. Web Developer 27% 39,500
6. Occupational Therapist 27% 30,400
7. Physician Assistant 30% 28,700
8. Operations Research Analyst 30% 27,600
9. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer 24% 27,600
10. Optician 24% 17,800

Behind the Demand

An aging baby boomer population is driving demand for home health aides and other health care positions.
But demand for some positions, like physical therapists, is also the result of patients seeking more preventative and restorative health care options.

Outside of Health Care

CareerCast confirms that the two jobs that aren’t in health care, web developer and operations research analyst, No. 5 and 8, respectively, are just as hot as the health care positions.
Web developer is one of the most widely listed positions in the jobs database, with 19,441 current listings, says Kyle Kensing, online content editor for CareerCast. He points out that the average salary for a web developer is $66,000 per year, and that usually only an associate’s degree and programming and graphic design skills are required.
Operations research analyst is a burgeoning position, according to CareerCast; this is the first year it has appeared on an in-demand jobs report. Despite its newness, there are currently 7,684 listings for operations research analysts in the database. The position requires analytic and technical skills.

Recruitment Strategy

Job seekers definitely have an advantage when a position is in-demand.
Recruiters looking to attract candidates for these eight positions in the health care field, and recruiters trying to fill web developer and operations research analyst openings, will likely face stiff competition—and may want to plan accordingly.