Finding Leaders in Candidates

Yesterday we looked at some tips from Andre Lavoie, CEO of ClearCompany, on how best to find the leaders among your candidates. Today we’ll look at some more guidance from Lavoie on this subject.

Step 3: Invite Top Candidates to a ‘Fit Day’

Invite qualified candidates in for a ‘fit day,’ where candidates perform a full day of tasks related to the role. Make sure staff is attuned to the candidate’s body language and how they are applying themselves in a new environment. This way, you see how they fit in the culture and the role.
Some common body language signs to watch out for: anger—hands on hips or arms folded, red face, sweating, and rapid breathing; or happiness—relaxed body, smiling, open arms, relaxed and prolonged eye contact.
Remember, Captain America recognizes emotional reactions in any situation and is able to remain calm under pressure. Reference his traits when gauging employee ‘fit.’
Create a Human Resources (HR) boot camp by incorporating informal interactions with the candidates to see how they hold up in situations like staff meetings. Do this by scheduling several meetings back-to-back on the same day and inviting the candidates to attend. Ask them to make a short presentation and address a small team. Pay attention to their composure. Are they shy and hiding or leading with strong talking points?
Then, establish a likeability index to help gauge their personality and how it pairs with current employees. Rate candidates from one (needs significant improvement) to five (outstanding strength), referencing the qualities you identified in your leader persona.
Survey everyone who interacted with the candidate during the HR boot camp. Then, use feedback from team members to see how others perceived the candidate’s leadership skills potential.
Determining great leadership skills is no easy feat. Companies often rush into the process, unaware of the necessary tactics needed to choose the best candidates. Make your search for the next Steve Rogers a breeze by defining your leader persona, developing an emotional intelligence guide, and inviting top-rated candidates in for a fit day.
Andre Lavoie is CEO of ClearCompany, the first talent alignment platform that bridges the gap between talent management and business strategy by contextualizing employees’ work around a company’s vision and goals.