Solar eclipse guide for employers

Today’s solar eclipse is expected to be an exciting, once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with people from all over flocking to the path of totality.  While this will likely mean considerable economic benefits from tourism, it is also expected to be quite costly for employers.  According to an estimate by outplacement company Challenger, Gray & Christmas, this afternoon’s celestial show will cost employers a staggering $694 million due to reduced productivity.  Employers in the path of totality are expected to be hit especially hard.

With the eclipse happening on a regular work day and with schools closing in anticipation of the event, employers can expect an unusually high number of employee absences today.  For those employees showing up as scheduled, Solar eclipseemployers can still expect a dip in productivity while the eclipse is happening.  There is a silver lining, as the eclipse gives employers the opportunity for team-building and morale boosting events in celebration.  Here are a few employers tips for today’s eclipse:

1.  Consider embracing today’s event and having a voluntary eclipse viewing party for employees.

2.  Remind employees to use proper safety eyewear for viewing the eclipse at any employer function.

3.  Remind employees to be cautious about any viewing glasses they purchased on their own, given the number of scams reported.  If the glasses are employer-provided, ensure they are properly certified.

4.  For those employers with employees outdoors for work or work-sponsored events, consider any necessary safety precautions to prevent accidents caused by the reduction in light during totality, distraction, etc.

5.  Consult your legal counsel and insurance providers about on any potential liability for injuries during employer-sponsored eclipse activities.

In a few short hours, we can expect the skies to darken, the stars to twinkle, the animals to go into their nighttime routines, and a record number of camera snaps.  Whatever your plans today, we wish you a safe and happy solar eclipse experience.