It’s Time to Dive, Into Your Talent Pool, That Is

Everyone’s looking for quality talent these days, but there might be one you’ve already considered in the past. It’s time to look into your talent pool.

Talent Pool Management Software
How can I fill this job quickly? This is a question that resonates with everyone involved in the hiring process, especially during the summer months.
This summer take a deep dive into your talent pools and learn how you can make a big splash in your company’s recruiting success. It’s simple. Follow these four tips:

  1. Group your talent pools 

Having one large talent pool can work sometimes, but if your company is mid-sized or growing it is best to get more detailed, and better organized. For example, group talent pools based on candidates with similar skill sets, geographic locations, or functional roles. Then when you are ready to find and fulfil a role for someone in your New York location with a specific skill or role, you can do it. Both quickly and easily. Once candidates are grouped in your CRM, sending branded communications should be quick and unlimited.

  1. Nurture your candidate relationships

In addition to collecting candidate information, a CRM keeps talent engaged, nurturing each candidate relationship, until the time is right to apply. How? By automating personalized, branded, and relevant communications in the form of emails, social posts, or newsletters to candidates. These can spotlight anything from your current employees and their specific roles to products, customer testimonials, and industry news. When communication is, timely and resonates with candidates consistently it will ultimately create excitement surrounding potential employment with your company. Maintaining your candidate’s engagement with your organization is key to getting the right candidates to eventually apply.
Words of wisdom: Rather than update all your passive candidates with an automated email announcing an opening within your company, divide and conquer. Configure your software settings to distribute different emails. For example, send leadership candidates something that better aligns with their interests, such as a thought leadership article that positions your company as an expert in the industry. This will go much further in getting you the best talent when the time is right.
Tomorrow we’ll look at a few more tips from Martin on how to make the best use of your talent pools.
Kelly Martin is a Content Writer at iCIMS.