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5 Employer Benefits of Supporting Volunteerism

Being a company that gives back has just as many positive outward facing outcomes as inward. There is rarely a downside to being a company that supports employee volunteerism. My colleagues and I at Worksmart have outlined the top five reasons to prioritize charitable efforts as a company—and we challenge you to get your teams out there and start making a difference!

1) Strengthen Employee Teams

Getting your team out in the community to volunteer is a great way to help employees reenergize and learn to collaborate in new and different ways. Providing an opportunity for coworkers to work together in a different setting, especially if they don’t usually interact at work, contributes back to increased engagement in the office.

Employees will get to know each other on a different level than they did before, which will help plug positivity and productivity into their day-to-day office interactions. In short, volunteering gives your team the opportunity to find new ways to work together.

2) Build a Positive Reputation

One great way to show off your company brand and build a positive reputation is to participate regularly in community give-back events as a company. It’s a way to make it known you care about more than making a sale – you want to make a difference in your surrounding communities.

Taking the time to build this positive reputation by being mindful of volunteerism opportunities and partaking in them on a regular basis will come back to you in beneficial ways, whether it’s new hire opportunities, new business opportunities, or opportunities to retain employee loyalty. By seeking recurring volunteering opportunities for your team, you provide opportunities for your company to gain the positive reputation it deserves.

3) Show Employees Your Values

Your employees want to know they work for a company that cares. Their respect and loyalty is what drives your business forward. Offering regular opportunities for employees to volunteer demonstrates where your values and priorities lie by.

Consider setting up company-wide volunteer days to get everyone out of the office and supporting a cause. Always make sure to encourage your management team to get out and volunteer alongside the rest of the office – you want to show your employees you practice what you preach, which starts with management leading by example.

4) Create Opportunities to Network

Regular participation in community giveback events is not only beneficial to your relationship with your team, it’s beneficial to your relationship with other companies. Getting out in the community is a great way to align with like-minded companies. It helps you stay connected in the business community and meet new business leaders you may not otherwise have had the chance to meet by volunteering regularly.

Certain giveback events are specifically set up to get the business community together to contribute to a cause – seek one or two of these a year and encourage your team to participate.

5) Draw in New Hires

According to a recent poll conducted by Morning Consult, 60 percent of participants between the ages of 18-34 were more likely to want to work for a company that gave to charity. Considering most of your new hires are likely to fall in this age group, this is something to think about when planning your company-wide volunteerism opportunities. Be mindful of the self-branding messaging you put in front of potential new hires – this can help point you in the direction of which company giveback events to participate in.

There are many more benefits to being a company that gives back than those listed above. The point is, if you aren’t a business that’s constantly thinking about ways to stay involved in the community and facilitate the overall betterment of society, you are behind. Start taking action today and be a company that contributes to a better tomorrow.

Matt ThomasMatt Thomas is the President of Indianapolis-based WorkSmart Systems, Inc., which he founded in 1998. He is active with the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO), and has dedicated more than 20 years to the Professional Employer Organizations (PEO) industry dating back to his early career with industry leaders ADP and NovaCare Employee Services. WorkSmart Systems Inc. is a leading PEO, which serves over 200 client companies with employees in 37 states.