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New Insight and Data Helps Companies Identify the Best Countries to Find Skilled Talent

ManpowerGroup Solutions has launched its first Total Workforce IndexTM (TWI) report. The report summarizes the findings of the TWI, the only index of its kind to use a high-tech, high-touch approach.recruiting

Expert insights are combined with a proprietary formula to indicate workforce potential and help companies ensure their workforce strategy is aligned with their business goals. Through a combination of data and ManpowerGroup Solutions’ industry leading experience, organizations can leverage the TWI to develop and execute a Total Talent Management approach to workforce strategy (including all permanent and contingent labor types) based on availability, cost, workforce productivity, and regulation.

In a global analysis of more than 75 markets, the TWI identifies those countries where workforce skills, productivity, and labor regulation make it most favorable to conduct business. In the 2017 report, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore come out on top. TWI rankings provide Big Data and fresh insight that can influence both short- and long-term growth strategies for companies. The global ranking equally weighs skills, cost, regulation, and productivity. This algorithm can be customized to reflect the unique workforce priorities of any organization.

“Access to skilled talent and effective labor policy are just as important as access to capital and other economic factors for companies when choosing where to locate their operations.” said Kate Donovan, Senior Vice President of ManpowerGroup Solutions—in a press release. “… The global rankings using TWI demonstrate that no country is perfect when it comes to creating an environment for organizations to quickly set up shop. However, we can see those that prioritize effective labor regulation, skills and access to talent—Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore and the U.S. —are leading the way.”

Regional Rankings

  • Asia Pacific (APAC): New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and Philippines rank highly in the APAC TWI. Nearly 60% of the global population sits in the APAC region. New skills requirements, updated tax policy, and labor laws have shifted some of the cost benefit scenarios in the region, now some smaller markets, such as Hong Kong and Singapore are now more effective when sourcing certain skills or supporting shift schedules.
  • Americas: Canada and the U.S. hold the top two positions in the Americas region, due to the stable maturity of their workforce, followed by Chile, Uruguay, and Mexico. Across South and Central America micro market shifts can have a similarly high impact as large legislative changes on hiring practices, increasing complexity—the lowest ranked countries across the global TWI are also located in the Americas; Paraguay, Brazil, Honduras, Bolivia, and Venezuela.
  • Europe, Middle East, and Africa: The top five ranked countries in the region are Ireland, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Israel, and Denmark. These countries also make up those ranked sixth to tenth in the global top 10 countries. To become the European Union’s new financial hub, Germany is waiving some of its rigid labor laws to make it easier for financial institutions to do business in the market and attract lenders to Frankfurt.

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