HR’s Priorities Not Aligned with Company Executives’, Finds Mercer Study

Mercer’s 2017 Global Talent Trends Study, conducted among 7,500 business executives, HR leaders and employees worldwide, has found that the top priorities of HR leaders match up with “evolving employee capabilities,” but less so with company exec’s goals for “more substantial workplace change.”


Mindklongdan / iStock / Getty Images Plus

Here’s an overview of executive plans and HR priorities reflected in the survey:

Mercer found that nearly all executives (93%) said they plan to redesign their organization’s structure in the next 2 years.  The most common ways they describe their redesign plans are moving support functions to shared services (41%), flattening the organizational structure (33%), eliminating roles or departments (31%) and decentralizing authority (31%).

However, only 11% of HR professionals indicated that redesigning jobs, roles, and responsibilities were a priority in the survey.  The top priorities identified by HR leaders were attracting top talent externally (44%), developing leaders for succession (41%), identifying high potentials (37%), and building skills across the workforce (37%).

Meanwhile, employees expressed which aspects of employment would improve their work situations.  Topping their wish list was fair and market competitive compensation (47%).  By way of comparison, 28% of HR leaders identified ensuring rewards competitiveness as a top priority. Other items on the employee wish list included opportunities to get promoted (45%), leaders who set a clear direction (44%) and working with the best and brightest (39%).

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