HR Management

Survey Uncovers Workers’ #1 Gripe About Bosses

With the job market as tight as it is, “bad bosses” can cause more damage than ever before. Quality employees, after all, need not just grin and bear it—they can usually find new jobs with little effort. To nip this type of exodus in the bud, it would help to know the kind of manager behaviors that drive employees crazy.

To help companies improve their workers’ experiences with their bosses, HR software firm Bamboo HR surveyed more than 1,000 U.S.-based employees in various roles. It asked them to score 24 typical boss behaviors from “totally acceptable” to “totally unacceptable.”

The big “winner” among the bad behaviors? Taking credit for employees’ work. As Bamboo HR notes in a blog post, taking credit isn’t just infuriating; it also can hurt employees’ careers when they don’t get the credit they deserve.

Younger employees are more tolerant of the credit-snatching. Fifty-seven percent of employees aged 18–29 say the behavior is unacceptable, but the number climbs steadily as employees age, with 77% of employees aged 60 or older calling it unacceptable.