Making the Most of Mobile Recruiting

In a recent article, we heard from Glen Braunsdorf of iCIMS on some tips for making use of mobile recruiting. Today we’ll hear more on that topic, including how mobile recruiting can enhance your candidate review process.

Enhance Your Candidate Review Process

Using mobile device accessibility to accelerate your internal candidate review process is another recruiting tip that businesses can use to save time and improve hiring metrics. Using a mobile hiring manager app for tablets and smartphones can help key decision makers who are on-the-go to improve review and approval times to make hires faster. As 30% of companies spend 31 to 60 days filling a position, and as the saying goes, time is money, this is also a great way for businesses to improve their cost-per-hire, which is currently at $4,129, according to recent research from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM).

Text Me the Details

Companies can also employ text-based communications platforms integrated with their applicant tracking software (ATS) to increase employment desirability among top talent as well as enhance the candidate experience. Using these technologies, recruiters can quickly and easily send text messages to candidates directly from their ATS to acknowledge receiving a résumé, confirm interview times, or establish a new hire’s start date. Deloitte found that 31% of consumers check their text messages first in the morning, compared to only 24% who check e-mail, supporting the fact that using text-based communications is quickly becoming the preferred method of contact for today’s candidates.
As mobile technologies continue to shape how we interact with the world, businesses will constantly need to adapt their recruiting processes accordingly in order to attract and hire the best talent. By staying informed and integrating the latest mobile trends into their recruitment strategies, companies can help to increase employment desirability and enhance the candidate experience while also improving the effectiveness of their recruiters and hiring managers. The only constant is change, and in today’s world of recruiting, employers must be one step ahead of the competition in order to win the heated war for talent. For more tips on developing your mobile recruiting strategy, check out our eBook, Top Talent is Mobile. Are You?