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Planning the Learning Management System

It is important that any new training system is thoroughly researched before purchase so that it is as effective as possible. Learning management systems (LMSs) can be costly, so it is important to order or to develop the right one.

Some systems are suitable as they are so there is no need for any major changes, and some systems may only need minor adaptations. LMSs can also be designed to order, but understandably, this will increase the cost. It is worth investigating whether the company that is selling the system can make more than minor tweaks, as some systems are structurally complicated to change, and this will limit the ability to be creative after purchase.
Any adaptations must be signed off before the actual purchase. The whole point of a learning management system is to have one that develops and can be updated along with company growth; therefore, there must be the ability to expand as required. Consider what the company is actually looking for regarding this system. Will employees be able to log in and manage their own training sessions? Does the company want to be able to add to the system constantly? Does it need a reporting tool? Can the system handle interaction and social sharing? Think also about the people who are going to be using it. Are they computer savvy? Are they slow to learn and reluctant to change? Any difficulties with the system that are not corrected before the LMS being implemented within the company is only going to make some employees reluctant to use it.
There are many aspects of a learning management system that must be refined before purchase. Especially so if an organization is fairly complex, with lots of departments, and they all have different processes. The LMS must have the capacity to change so that additional training programs can be created. In order to do this, it’s important to have a representative from each department try out the system as is and consider whether there is scope for improvement or if, with the right additions, the program will meet departmental needs. The testing period is all-important, and any concerns must be checked with the company first, because it is too late once the business has invested in the program, and the LMS must bring in a good return on investment. An LMS will provide a lot of scope for learning potential providing the right system is obtained, and it pays to wait and to research, because once the system is implemented successfully, employees will be able to improve their skill set in a totally new way.

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