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5 Simple Questions That Can Keep Your Best Workers on Board

In today’s job market, employers have good reason to worry about their high performers jumping ship. Writing on, Marcel Schwantes lists five questions you should ask those employees to increase your odds of keeping them on board:

  1. What do you like about your job? This sets a positive tone for assessing an employee’s job satisfaction and how you can increase it.
  2. Can you describe a good day of work you had recently? Solicit clear and specific examples of positive experiences so you can replicate those experiences as often as possible.
  3. Do you feel your skills are being used to the fullest? Ideally, you’ll discover that the employee has unknown skills, giving you the chance to offer new opportunities that tap into those strengths and improve engagement.
  4. Do you feel you get proper recognition for good work? If not, brainstorm solutions on how you can give appropriate recognition and stave off the kind of frustration that often sends an employee into another employer’s arms.
  5. Do you feel you’re treated with respect? Ask this question to determine the health of the team. Respect is an integral part of overall employee engagement, and its absence hurts retention.