How to Please the Largest Piece of the Talent Pie: Millennials

In part one of this article we began to hear from Philipe Bruce, founder of Professional and Organizational Development Solutions. Today Bruce will continue to discuss the topic at hand: Millennials.

Steve Debenport / E+ / Getty Images

Give Them What They Want

Ever heard about individually tailored needs (ITN)? The concept involves individually addressing the talent management requirements of employees in the organization and developing strategies to effectively cater to those requirements and needs.
No two people are same. Each has different backgrounds, different circumstances, different styles of working, and different goals. You can’t have one standard program for all. For example, you have a set of monetary rewards to motivate your employees, but would money motivate everyone? Not necessarily.
Your human resources department needs to know employees on a level deeper than the professional relationship they share. Conduct one-on-one interviews, and learn more about employees. What are their career aspirations? Where do they see themselves in the next 5 years? What could, in their opinion, make the workplace better?
This will open up new doors for developing and implementing strategies that are just right for building employees’ engagement levels. Also, make sure your talent management program has a recognition and reward system that caters to all employees, tailored to reach and appreciate everyone onboard. The drill is pretty simple: Understand each employee, recognize what he or she needs, and reward him or her accordingly.
Implement this, and you will be automatically motivating employees for increased productivity. This is no easy task, but, with the help of the management team and good leadership, you can give employees what they want.

The Bottom Line

Today more than ever, there is a need for organizations to allow flexibility and use guidance instead of rigid policies. Millennials wouldn’t have it any other way—they want what they want, and, as irritating as it may seem in the beginning, harnessing this very trait the right way can help organizations flourish like never before.
This is a good time to initiate a potent talent management program. There is plenty of Millennial talent out there, and you’re up against your competition in bagging the best of this talent for your organization. Increase your employee engagement efforts, and implement strategies that improve your relationship with your employees.
Philipe Bruce is the founder of P.O.D.S Professional and Organizational Development Solutions, a business coaching consultancy based in Omaha, Nebraska.