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Vision Benefits Survey Findings Underscore Need to Educate Younger Employees

A new survey has found that younger employees are significantly less likely to enroll in vision benefits plans or understand the importance of eye exams.  The Transitions Optical Employee Perceptions of Vision Benefits survey, conducted among 1,300 employees, reveals that 84% of Baby Boomers, 80% of Gen X and 75% of Millennials report that they are enrolled in their company’s vision plan.  But just 50% of Gen Z employees reported they are benefits

Meanwhile, members of Gen Z were less likely to believe that it’s important to schedule regular, comprehensive eye exams with an eyecare professional.  Two-thirds (67%) of all employees believe exams are important, but only 60% of Gen Z do.

Younger employees were also more likely to convey a lack of understanding of what comprehensive eye exams include, with over 20% Millennial and Gen Z employees incorrectly believing that if they receive an eye test/vision screening from their primary care physician, a comprehensive eye exam with an eye care professional isn’t necessary.

Interestingly, 96% of all employees reported that they’d be more likely to use their benefits if they better understood what their plan covers.  Likewise, 95% say they would be more likely to enroll in their company’s vision plan if they knew more about the importance of comprehensive eye exams and the specific, premium eyewear offerings available through their benefits.

“While many eye diseases and overall health issues are more common with age, it’s critical that all employees schedule regular, comprehensive eye exams,” said Drew Smith, director, North America channels, Transitions Optical in a press release. “Early detection of these issues can help to reduce, or even avoid, significant medical costs and vision loss. Additionally, comprehensive eye exams can identify common, correctable problems—such as trouble seeing up-close or far away—and provide access to the right eye wear to boost productivity and help employees see better now and in the future.”

Transitions Optical offers a variety of free employee and employer focused tools and education to help elevate the importance of comprehensive eye exams and quality eyewear available through a vision benefit at