Recruiting Bots for the Win

In Friday’s Advisor, we introduced the idea of using recruitment bots (aka chatbots, AI recruitment, or automated assistant) and what types of tasks they could perform. Today, we’re taking a look at the benefits for recruiters who are utilizing these recruitment bots.

Here are a few of the many benefits for recruiters who opt to use this technology to their advantage:

  • Better candidate experience. Utilizing this type of technology means you’ll have the opportunity to engage every candidate, all without requiring more labor time to do so. This can improve the recruitment experience from both sides: it’s more efficient for the recruiter and more engaging for the job seeker.
  • Less bias in hiring. Throughout this process, a recruitment bot will be able to focus solely on the criteria it’s programmed to focus on. This is a benefit because it removes some of the subconscious biases (and resulting discrimination) that humans introduce to the process.
  • Faster application processing. By automating these types of activities with a recruitment bot, the recruiting team can save time and be more efficient by focusing on the aspects of the process that cannot be automated. This means more applications can be processed in the same time frame, and means that individual applicants will have more contact – even if that contact is not with a live representative, they’re still getting more interaction and faster responses to some types of queries.

Right now these types of automated assistants are available through contracting with companies who have created them. (One such example is TARA – “Talent Acquisition and Recruiting Automation” – which can be explored here: Another example is called Mya: We’re seeing more and more organizations try to harness this or similar technology to improve the efficiency of the recruiting process, whether they do so through one of the existing organizations offering such technology or whether they create their own in-house version.

Bots for Job Seekers to Utilize

On the other side of the coin, there are also automated assistants helping candidates reach out to potential employers. There are even companies out there who will help job seekers create their own automated chatbot that can assist in the job search process.
There are also chatbots being utilized to help job seekers quickly narrow their search results and find relevant opportunities to apply for.
This is another aspect of the technology that recruiters need to be aware of, as you may encounter it soon if you haven’t yet. What has been your experience? Have you utilized recruitment bots in your hiring process?