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8 Signs You Need a New Learning Management System Right Now (Part 1)

Is your LMS still the most suitable and up-to-date system for you and your organization? Technology platforms and software become outdated all the time–and having the wrong technology costs the organization in lost productivity, lost revenue, and more. As the L&D pro, it falls to you to evaluate your LMS and what it is doing (or not doing) for you.
Below are four telltale signs that you need a new LMS immediately. 

1. No One Uses It or Wants to Use it

One of the most obvious signs that you may need a new LMS is if no one is using your current LMS. However, before you implement a new LMS overnight, first figure out why no one is using your current LMS so you don’t make the same mistake twice. Is it because the user interface isn’t intuitive or easy to use? Is it because the LMS only has outdated content that isn’t applicable anymore? Or is it because no one knows about it? Solicit feedback from employees if necessary to see why people aren’t using the LMS.

2. It Only Offers One Type of Learning Experience

Up-to-date LMSs offer personalized learning experiences and content to each individual user or learner based on their roles, interests, and career trajectories. They do not offer a one-size-fits-all learning experience anymore. So, if your current LMS offers the same type of content and courses to every single one of your employees across your organization, it’s outdated. Learners should also have their own learning profiles with bios, course details, and social sharing features that are unique to them.

3. It’s Not Optimized for Mobile

Most employees bring their mobile devices to work nowadays and access learning content related to their jobs via their mobile devices throughout the day, whether its sanctioned by your LMS or not. So, make sure your LMS is optimized for mobile devices if you want your employees to use it and rely on it for all their learning experiences and resources. All learning content inside your LMS should be easy to access, view, and interact with on every kind of mobile device available in 2018.

4. Its Training Programs Have No Impact

If your employees are enrolled in training programs implemented via your LMS but aren’t displaying any signs of knowledge retention from those training programs, it might be time to invest in a new LMS. Older and more outdated LMS platforms still distribute ineffective learning material using mediums that don’t yield real-world results. So, if you notice most of your learners aren’t exhibiting some of the skills they should have learned in their recent LMS training program while they’re at work, it may be time to invest in a new LMS that has more effective content and content mediums.
[Tomorrow, stayed tuned for the additional four signs.]

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