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How Content Curation Helps Everyone in Your Business

 According to a webinar survey conducted by Learning Café, 81% of learning professionals claim content curation is a part of their current learning strategy, while 78% feel that learning and development professionals must incorporate content curation as a new skill. And here are a few reasons why you’ll want to consider content curation in your learning strategy if you haven’t already.

 Allows You to Cut Costs While Providing Continuous Value

Curated content provides your employees with a lot of extra learning resources and study material that they would otherwise not be privy to, which will keep them competitive both inside and outside your organization. And with the help of content curation platforms and tools, learners become empowered to design their own learning paths. They’re able to explore topics and learning content they find useful and valuable to their unique career trajectories, which will keep them engaged and continuously interested in learning and improving. And the bottom line is, when you don’t have to create all your learning content from scratch to stay ahead of the competition, you’re saving valuable time and money, too.

 Enables a Learning-Driven Culture

79% of learning and development professionals surveyed by Learning Café also feel that tracking learner engagement is a key success metric for content curation. Essentially, you’ll know your content curation tools and strategies are working when employees are sharing learning content with one another and collaborating on learning tasks and initiatives. And when employees share learning content with one another, they’re motivating one another to continue learning and are coaching one another to reach optimal performance levels. They’re encouraging one another to seek answers to the questions they have, to be innovative, and to achieve their maximum potential. This inevitably leads to more productive and high-performing, learning-driven teams, which is beneficial to your employees and your organization as a whole.

 Keeps Learners Focused and Engaged at Work

When learners are provided access to personalized, curated learning content that is applicable to their current roles and career trajectories, they will constantly search for opportunities to exhibit the skills they’re learning at work because they’ll be relevant. And when they optimize their performance and see how their learning paths are helping them achieve their goals and move forward in their career trajectories, they’ll be more engaged at work. They’ll be able to see the real-life purpose of their training and learning paths, which will keep them focused and driven.
Overall, implementing a content curation strategy is beneficial for everyone across your business—everyone from sales executives to your hourly customer sales representatives.

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