4 Ways to Create a Winning Candidate Experience

As a recruiter, there are many mind-sets and principles one must adopt in order to seek out top talent. One of these principles is the Open-Source Talent principle. In part one, we looked at how recruiters are using this principle as a new mind-set to recruit tech talent.


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In today’s article, we’ll uncover the four things candidates will be attracted to in the digital era, which are based on the findings of the Mercer report Delivering the Workforce for the Future: Open-Source Talent.
According to Mercer, “Organizations that effectively communicate and deliver valuable experiences will succeed in attracting talent in the new age.” Here are four key ways to attract talent by focusing on the candidate experience:

1. Create an Experience that Allows for Work/Life Balance

Employees want a seamless, unified experience across work and life enabled by constant connectivity and intuitive interfaces. Companies should be willing to actively learn and crowdsource ideas from existing employees and associates—just as they do when designing for customer experience. This will create active engagement and encourages current and potential employees to shape the workplace together.

2. Leverage Knowledge and Personalization

Every interaction becomes a valuable data source. Understanding both the surface needs of employees and the fundamental drivers of their behaviors will help companies build more personalized propositions that align with and support a greater purpose. Such personalization is crucial for attracting top talent.

3. Align Your Proposition with the Interests of Today’s Workforce

It’s time to rethink the fundamentals of HR, such as the annual salary review or the annual performance cycle. These processes were designed in an era that has little in common with how we live and work today. Yet, to a large extent, they still form the basis of how we manage our people.

4. Be Authentic

A successful talent value proposition delivers a unique sense of purpose and a differentiated career and well-being experience—all while offering competitive compensation and benefits. This needs to be fully in sync with the company’s vision, business strategy, and operating model—a stark contrast to how most companies operate today.
“Building a sustainable talent pipeline is more critical than ever in a rapidly changing world driven by new customer preferences, market dynamics and changing economics,” said Mercer partner Antonis Christidis. “For business leaders, now is the time to think and act beyond the traditional sourcing approach. Refining previous tactical recruiting initiatives will no longer do the trick.”
To learn more about building a better candidate experience, or to read the full report, Delivering the Workforce for the Future: Open-Source Talent, click here.