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6 More Tech Trends for L&D You’ll Want to Know About

Continued from yesterday’s post, here are the remaining six tech trends for training and learning and development (L&D) you’ll want to know about.technology

4. Interactive Video Content

Learning content with videos, whether they’re live or recorded, will now be more likely to include polls, social sharing tools, and other interactive features. Now, learners will be interacting and engaging with the video content they view in one way or another.

5. Niche-Specific Learning and Curated Content

Now, as employers move to upskill their own employees and embrace learning technology, we’ll see more digital learning content that is niche-specific and tailored to a company or industry.
For instance, if you’re a marketer who works in the medical device manufacturing industry, you can expect to see learning content that’s tailored for marketers within your particular industry, not just for general marketers.
You can also expect to see more integrations available for curated content so that it’s easier for your employees to access learning content that is specific to their particular niche and job role.

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6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)-Driven Platforms

To remain competitive in any industry moving forward, it will become essential for your organization to use AI-driven training and L&D platforms. Such platforms will automatically log and learn your learners’ profiles and actions so that they can offer them relevant learning content and experiences in the moment that they’re engaging with learning content and systems.

7. Open-Source LMS Platforms with Customizable Integrations

Many organizations are beginning to dabble in open-source learning management system (LMS) platforms because they are highly customizable. With an open-source LMS, you can customize it to have the integrations you need it to have, and you can program it to do what you want it to do, as it applies to your specific organization.

8. Personalized Learning

Whatever training or L&D technologies or platforms you decide to use or implement in 2018 and beyond, chances are good that it will all be geared toward one thing: personalized learning. AI-driven platforms, mobile learning, niche-specific learning, curated content, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences, and open-source platforms all embrace and promote more personalized learning experiences.
Technology has finally made it possible for L&D professionals to be able to offer relevant content to their learners at the perfect time and to really hone learners’ skills in accordance with each learner’s specific role, goals, interests, learning pace, and career trajectories. If the technology you’re using doesn’t embrace personalized learning, it is highly unlikely that it will be successful.           

9. Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting

To be able to continually improve your learners’ learning experiences, and to continually create high-performing learning content and experiences for your learners, it’s important to have technology platforms that provide you with comprehensive analytics and reports.
You’ll want to know real-time data about how each of your individual learners is learning, as well as which courses or pieces of learning content aren’t yielding positive results, etc.
As you begin to explore and update your training and L&D technology options and features, remember the nine tech trends listed above and in yesterday’s post.