3 Talent Acquisition Secrets for Recruiting Top Young Candidates

Nearly 20% of the class of 2019 already have full-time job offers.


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This is according to a 2018 Yello survey of 700 college students and new grads. Additionally, almost 50% of those who have accepted a position received multiple offers. For recruiters, this means the competition for young talent is tougher than ever.
Don’t waste any more time passively waiting for new graduates to come to you. By better understanding what the future’s top talent expect from a job, you can adjust your recruiting strategy now to lock down the best and brightest. Here are three things to know about the next class of young adults about to enter the workforce:

1. They Want to Stick Around

It’s a common misconception that all young adults are flighty. But that’s not the reality of the situation. The aforementioned Yello survey found that 48% of respondents want to stay with their first company for over 3 years.
Organizations need to earn that loyalty by offering the right career advancement opportunities. This means showing them clear, detailed paths to success and a promotion.
Just understand that these young employees plan to prove themselves quickly. The Yello survey found that 77% of respondents want to move into a new role at their company within 2 years.
To meet those expectations, start a dialogue about a candidate’s future during the hiring process. Go beyond the typical where they see themselves in 5 years conversation. Get specific about what they want to learn and ways they’d like to contribute to a team.
It also can be helpful to provide candidates with real-life examples of what success looks like at your organization. Introduce them to a current employee who has a job similar to the candidate’s dream role.
Explain to the young jobseeker what milestones the employee accomplished in order to prove he or she was ready for a more senior role. Then give the two time to talk so the candidate can ask questions about how the company helps employees advance.

2. They Need You to Up Your Game

Traditionally, the hiring process has been seen as terrifyingly stressful for candidates. They feel like they need to jump through hoop after hoop to land an offer. But when it comes to young talent, they expect recruiters to step up and impress.
The Yello report found that 60% of respondents said the hiring process was a big factor behind whether they accept a job. And, of those who had turned down a job offer, 20% said it was because of the recruiter they’d worked with.
Responding to candidates’ e-mails in a timely manner is no longer enough. Actively find ways to be helpful during the hiring process.
For example, candidates often spend hours researching a company before accepting a job offer. Save them time and energy by proactively sharing pertinent information. When you e-mail them about next steps in the process, include links to social media, employee testimonials, company press releases, etc. This way, candidates learn about the organization and see you’re proud of what it does.

3. They Expect to Get Paid Big Money

Benefits and company culture are bonuses for young jobseekers that don’t replace a competitive salary.
The Yello report found that around half of all respondents expect to make at least $60,000 as soon as they enter the workforce. And among candidates looking to fill in-demand tech roles, almost one in five are looking for more than $100,000.
Of course, this isn’t always an option, especially for smaller organizations. As a recruiter, it’s up to you to find ways to bring added value to a job offer.
For example, if there’s no wiggle room in the base salary, focus on the company’s bonus program so candidates see there is a chance to make more money. Another option is to lay out a clear schedule for raises. Agree that if, after several months, the new employee’s performance exceeds expectations, they’ll receive a bump in pay. This will keep great talent interested despite a tight salary budget.

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