Talent Experience Is More Important Than Ever Before

When it comes to attracting and retaining talent, the experience a company offers its workforce is more important than it’s ever been, especially in this tough hiring market.


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In yesterday’s post, we covered five ways to enhance the quality of new hires in your company based on Randstad Sourceright’s 2018 Talent Trends Report. Today we’ll look at another trend from this report: creating a memorable talent experience.
According to Randstad Sourceright, talent leaders are taking more interest in creating a memorable experience for candidates looking to work at your company, as well as creating a more memorable experience for the employees who currently work there. In the report, Randstad Sourceright offers five ways to create a memorable experience:

1. Get Feedback on What’s Important

In order to create a memorable experience, Randstad Sourceright says you should start by getting feedback from your current workforce on what’s important to them. Do workers want flexibility? Or better tools to help their day-to-day tasks? By getting employee feedback, you’ll be able to provide the right resources your workers want and need, and in turn, you’ll be able to attract talent looking for the same.

2. Ensure a Friendly Environment

With the rise of the #MeToo and #TimesUp movements, a friendly work environment is more important than ever. Randstad Sourceright suggests that HR professionals should create strong policies surrounding workplace harassment and conduct regular harassment and sexual harassment training to make workers feel more comfortable in their working environments. When most employees spend more time at work than they do with their families, it’s only right that the workplace environment is a friendly and welcomed one.

3. Reinforce the Value of Your Workers’ Mission

According to Randstad Sourceright, a cornerstone of a positive experience is rooted in the employee’s belief that what he or she is doing is in line with the company’s mission and that his or her work is being valued. In order to make your workers feel valued, it’s important to regularly communicate with your employees and reinforce that their efforts are aligned with your company’s mission.

4. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

We cannot express this sentiment enough. Communication is key, across all aspects of your company, but most importantly to candidates looking to work for your organization. If you aren’t regularly communicating with candidates, it’s setting a bad example as to what the candidate can expect if/when they work for your company. Randstad Sourceright says, “regular communication with talent is absolutely critical to delivering a positive experience.”

5. Collaborate Throughout the Company

Creating a positive experience for all parties shouldn’t fall on hiring managers alone. Randstad Sourceright suggests collaborating with all stakeholders in the company to create a memorable experience for new and existing talent. By collaborating across departments, you’re better able to build up your company’s culture and keep talent happy.
Jennifer Klimas, Director of Employer Brand at Talent Innovation Center, leaves us with this final thought:
“The best way to keep candidates and employees excited about your organization is to deliver a positive experience. Everything from how candidates are treated during the apply and interview process to offering flexible schedules for employees impacts how your organization is perceived. Treat talent well and your organization will thrive.”
For more information, or to view the full findings of the Randstad Sourceright report, click here.