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Tips for Training Your Staff on Social Media Use at Work

Continuing from yesterday’s post, here are six more best practices to follow once you begin training your staff to use social media at work. social media

1. Endorse Employee Recognition and Organizational Achievements

Employees love being recognized for their hard work, especially in more public settings in front of their peers and other industry experts. Encourage employees to recognize their coworkers, bosses, teams they manage, and others inside your organization for their efforts and hard work—it will build morale, increase levels of productivity, and establish strong workplace relationships.
You can also use social media to announce awards and other accolades your entire organization has earned to establish trust and industry-level expertise.

2. Utilize Branding Elements

Designate a few employees to own certain social media titles such as “ambassador,” “expert,” or “ninja,” etc. And always use special hashtags for certain threads, endorsements, events, campaigns, etc.
This makes it easier for others inside and outside your organization to follow your organizational brand and its activities. And people will know whom to contact for what on social media regarding your brand and what it’s discussing or doing online.

3. Incorporate Gamification Techniques and Incentives

Use social media platforms to get employees engaged in friendly competitions and campaigns. For instance, you could host a competition to see who can offer the best idea for your next marketing campaign—where both employees and customers are involved, and the winner receives a gift card or other incentive.

4. Start Social Media Engagement During Recruitment Process

Communicate with potential job candidates via social media outlets during the recruitment process so that they’re already familiar with your social media policies, voice, strategies, branding, etc., by the time that they’re onboarded. Doing this will make your social media training a breeze for all your new team members.

5. Highlight Partners, Sponsors, and Important Organizational Events

You should also engage with your corporate sponsors and partners on social media by publicly thanking them for their support and involvement and by recognizing them when they have achieved something too.
And you can also use social media to share information and photos about important events your organization hosts or attends so your online community can see your company’s industry-related and community-related initiatives too.

6. Share Other Organizational Content Carefully and Strategically

Don’t be afraid to share blog posts, videos, special offers, etc., published and created by your organization with your social media network. Just make sure you aren’t salesy or always pitching a deal or sale because your network will stop following you over time. Instead, make sure you are offering content about your organization and its industry that is truly valuable to your networks.
Be sure to follow the nine best practices listed above and in yesterday’s post as you train your staff to use social media at work.

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