Global Hiring Outlook for Q4 2018 Remains Positive

The struggle to find top talent continues to plague employers, even those who are halfway around the globe. Global employers are intending to increase their workforce in the fourth quarter (Q4) of 2018, with 43 out of 44 countries reporting positive hiring outlooks. hiring
According to ManpowerGroup’s Employment Outlook Survey, continued positive employment opportunities are expected over the next 3 months with hiring confidence strongest in Japan, Taiwan, the U.S., Romania, and Slovenia. Employers in Switzerland and Argentina report the weakest hiring prospects.
The survey of more than 59,000 employers across 44 countries and territories shows hiring intentions strengthen in 22 countries, remain constant in eight, and slow in 14.
“We continue to see optimism from employers around the world in spite of tariff disputes, proposed new populist legislation and the uncertainty of a hard or soft Brexit,” says Jonas Prising, ManpowerGroup Chairman and CEO. “Across most countries, hiring intentions are net positive, as access to skilled talent continues to be of critical importance for employers globally.”
“In the Digital Age we’re seeing organizations across all sectors undergo significant transformation,” says Prising. “From Manufacturing to Services, roles are emerging that require new skills, creating mismatches between what is needed and what is available in an increasingly tight labor market. It’s important for employers to create a culture of learnability so that their people are ready and able to upskill and adapt.”

Global Hiring Plans by Region

Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA): Staffing levels are expected to grow in 25 of 26 countries surveyed in the EMEA region. Employers in Romania (+19%), Slovenia (+19%), and Hungary (+18%) report the strongest outlooks. The only negative outlook across all countries and territories is reported in Switzerland (-2%).
Employers in Germany forecast the strongest outlook in 7 years with the most optimistic hiring prospects reported in the construction, finance and business services, and public and social sectors, at +14%, +13%, and +11%, respectively.
In France hiring intentions soften slightly to +2% yet employers still plan to expand their workforce in seven of 10 industry sectors and four of five regions, suggesting increasing confidence in recent labor policy changes.
Italy improves three percentage points quarter-over-quarter as the political situation begins to stabilize.
In Greece, employers plan the highest headcount increases in over a decade (+16%) driven by growth in the wholesale and retail trade sector as domestic spending grows with the improving economic outlook.
UK employers continue to report modest hiring intentions (+4%) with a marked improvement in the finance and business services sector, up six percentage points quarter-over-quarter.
Asia Pacific: Employers in all eight countries and territories expect to hire more people in Q4 2018.  Hiring outlooks are strongest in Japan (+26%) and Taiwan (+21%).
Solid workforce gains are forecast to continue in Japan as growing export volumes boost hiring in the manufacturing sector, which has seen sustained positive hiring intentions since 2010.
Taiwanese employers continue to report strong hiring intentions led by the services sector.
Global trade uncertainty seems to be impacting Chinese hiring plans as the outlook falls by four percentage points quarter-on-quarter yet remains positive at +6%. The weakest sector for the coming quarter is mining and construction (+6%).
Americas: Positive outlooks are reported in all 10 countries surveyed with the U.S. seeing the region’s most upbeat forecast (+19%).
In the U.S., employers in the leisure and hospitality sector report the most optimistic outlook, at +28%, its highest level since Q4 2016. This is followed by professional and business services at +25%, the sector’s strongest outlook in a decade and a continuation of an upward trend since 2008.
Canadian employers continue to report positive hiring intentions (+14%) led by growth among large employers (+29%). Micro-employers (+4%) remain the most cautious.
Brazilian employers report encouraging signs for job seekers in the coming quarter with an outlook of +7%. The strongest industry forecast at +11% is in manufacturing, improving by nine and 10 percentage points, respectively, quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year.

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