Why Artificial Intelligence Should Be Used in the Recruiting Process

In part one, I explained the hiring pipeline and the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) in each step of the recruiting process. Here, I’ll explain why recruiters should embrace AI.


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1. To Reduce Bias

Bias is a big concern in the field of recruitment. It’s up to HR professionals to curb conscious and unconscious bias throughout an organization, especially during the preselection process.
Software doesn’t suffer from human bias. However, AI still requires a human touch to stop unconscious bias.

2. Use Time Effectively

Recruiters are busy people. If you were to have a thorough look at your day-to-day activities, you’d be surprised by the amount of time you spend on tedious manual tasks. According to research by PwC, executives see AI as a means to alleviate repetitive tasks. This includes sheets (78%), scheduling (79%), and paperwork (82%).
Between scheduling interviews, screening candidates, and trying to understand the evolving needs of your team, you don’t want to get stuck with mundane tasks. These things can be taken care of with a few simple AI solutions like programmatic advertising.

3. Improved Candidate Experience

AI is beneficial not only for you and your team but also for enhancing the candidate experience. Advanced methods in the recruiting process, like video interviews and realistic job previews, are ways that AI contributes to a better candidate experience.
When candidates can get information instantly, they feel more connected to your organization. These positive experiences while applying will increase their desire to work with you even more. Having a chatbot can improve your candidate experience.

What Does the Future Hold?

 AI is changing the game for recruiters. If you’re not adding AI into your recruiting process, or at least considering the possibilities, you’re definitely missing out.
 With a number of benefits—like video interviews and automated scheduling—you can begin to test new processes. Learn more about what you and your candidates are looking for during the job hunt, and improve the quality of your candidates. Also, focus on your candidate experience, which acts as branding for your organization.
 With the right tools, software, and programs, you can develop automated processes to enhance your hiring pipeline. And don’t forget the consequences and cost of a bad hire.
 In the end, recruiting is people’s work. You still have to conduct face-to-face interviews before hiring to really get the feeling of whether this could be a perfect match, so although AI can help with many parts of recruiting, the human touch remains untouched.
 Let recruiters make data-driven hiring decisions.

Vijay Sundaram is Chief Strategy Officer at Zoho where he is also responsible for the partner and channel program. He is a prior entrepreneur and company founder, in cloud supply chain software, mobile advertising technology, and renewable energy. He has led products, sales, business development, and finance teams within these organizations. Vijay enjoys working with senior executives, brainstorming, and troubleshooting complex business issues that skip across functional and organizational borders.
Vijay has an undergraduate degree in engineering from IIT Madras, and graduate degrees in computer science and in business from NYU and the Wharton School of Business, respectively.

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