4 Reasons Why You Should Listen to Your Top Performers

According to recent research conducted by Gallup, company cultures and entire organizations win when they listen to their top performers.


Source: Marisa9 / iStock / Getty

According to the research, organizations should work to listen to their top performers by:
  • Understanding their needs and wants and by knowing where, when, how, and why they want to work;
  • Shaping company cultures to connect overall strategies with what they value most and what enables their success; and
  • Regularly checking in with them, formally and informally, for “stay conversations” to make sure long-term strategies remain on target and are successful.

And once organizations do those things, top performers of that organization will do the following four things.

1. They’ll Be More Likely to Stay with Your Organization

According to Gallup’s findings mentioned above, 63% of full-time employees say it is “somewhat likely” or “very likely” that they could find as good a job as the one they have now somewhere else.
So, why would they want to stay with an organization that doesn’t listen to them and care about what they care about? However, if you listen to what their needs and wants are, they’re much more likely to stay with your organization long-term because they know you’ll consider their individual success in tandem with the success of your organization, as they will become one in the same.

2. They’ll Be More Productive at Your Organization

When you pay attention to how, when, and where your top performers like to work and what motivates them to work, you’ll be able to focus on implementing strategies and infrastructures that allow them to be as productive as possible.
They’ll always be able to perform and complete tasks when they are at their best, and they’ll know that they can always begin work confident that they’ll have what they need to do their jobs well and efficiently every single day.

3. They’ll Seek Out Leadership Roles with Your Organization

When you listen to your top performers, they’re more likely to stay with your organization and seek out leadership roles with your organization. And this means that you’ll end up with a staff of top-performing managers and leaders across your organization who will work tirelessly and efficiently to propel your organization forward each year.

4. They’ll Be Advocates for Your Organization and Will Motivate Others

Above all else, when your top performers feel as if they’re being listened to and that their concerns are considered, they’ll speak positively about your organization to other prospective clients, partners, and future employees, too. And when others think highly of your organization, it becomes more competitive and innovative.
As you’re working to develop a strategy for building and promoting your company culture, be sure to consider the four reasons listed above regarding why you should be sure to listen to your top performers, too.
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