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Do Your Leaders Have These 6 Timeless Skills and Attributes?

Continuing yesterday’s post, here are six additional timeless qualities that effective and successful leaders own that you’ll want to keep in mind.Leaders

1. They Genuinely Want Their Employees to Succeed

Leaders who want their employees to succeed realize that when their employees are successful, they’re successful. They always seek opportunities to coach their employees to do their best and aren’t afraid to congratulate them on a job well done.
In fact, they’ll actively seek out challenges and learning opportunities for their teams and inspire them to want to learn and do new things that will allow them to lead successful careers, even if that means their employees will move on to bigger and better things. Good leaders always look at their employees as people with their own aspirations and goals first.

2. They Surround Themselves with a Team Who Can Do What They Can’t

Great leaders realize that they are only as strong and effective as their team is. They understand their own individual strengths and weaknesses and actively seek out others who possess skills that they don’t have. They don’t want their employees to be just like them and value everyone’s unique contributions to their teams.
For example, if they’re not great with spreadsheets, they will be humble and honest about their limitations and will add someone to their team who is a spreadsheet wizard and is highly regarded for that skill.

3. They Don’t Micro-Manage Their Employees

Effective leaders don’t ever hover, and they give their employees a wide birth of autonomy because they trust them and value their skills. They encourage their employees to challenge themselves and try new things, and they give their employees the space they need to learn, grow, and get the job done.

4. They Practice What They Preach

A respected and effective leader will never demand that their employees show up on time but then continually show up late to work. They will always expect of themselves what they expect from others. And they will always set a good example for their employees to follow.

5. They Are Good Listeners and Respect Others

Above all else, great leaders take the time to genuinely listen to their employees. They tend to have open door policies and respect their employees’ concerns and time. They also respect their own peers and bosses, as well as their partners and clients. Overall, they tend to have welcoming and friendly attitudes and genuinely like and respect others.

6. They Prove That They Are Trustworthy and Fair

Great leaders show that they are trustworthy and fair before they ask anything from their employees. And they never demand respect; they earn it by living with integrity. They tend to have very loyal followers and teams, too, because they can be trusted and are highly regarded by others.
If you want your organization to develop and retain engaged and productive employees, make sure its leaders have the nine timeless skills and attributes listed above and in yesterday’s post.
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