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3 L&D Ideas to Keep Employees Engaged During the Holiday Season

While 51% of employees claim to be happy during the holidays, 35% claim that they’re more stressed during this time of year. It’s also no secret that employees can get distracted and become less productive during the holiday season. And many employees don’t think about training or learning and development (L&D) during the holiday season at all.Holiday
However, the holiday season could offer L&D professionals one of the best times of year to keep employees engaged and learning. Here are three L&D ideas to consider if you want to keep your employees engaged during the holidays.

1. Gamified mLearning Modules

Offer mobile learning modules that are gamified and fun so that your employees can learn while they’re on the go. It will be much easier and more enjoyable for employees to learn if they can learn when it’s convenient for them and if it offers gamified elements that are engaging and more enjoyable, especially during the holidays, when there are a lot of things to do.
While you may not be able to expect employees to attend a daylong training session during the holiday season, you can expect them to complete a few learning modules on their mobile devices.

2. Implement Social Learning Forums

Implement virtual social learning forums where employees can engage with one another and share best practices and other tips that will help them be more productive during the holidays and in the new year.
Offer learning modules and exercises that require teamwork and collaboration too. This way, employees will be able to keep one another engaged when everything and everyone else is busy.

3. Competitions for Innovation

To keep employees engaged at the end of the year, host competitions that inspire them to put their best foot forward. For example, you could host a competition where employees are able to submit their ideas for new innovations, policies, or products for your organization, and then have all employees vote on whether they want to work on implementing the idea in the new year.
Employees can submit ideas in teams or individually, but they must include a project plan and detailed information about how the project will be executed, how it will be funded, and who will be responsible for its execution, etc.
This will keep employees engaged in promoting innovation across your organization and will help develop their leadership and teambuilding skills.
In tomorrow’s post, we’ll detail four more L&D ideas to consider for keeping your employees engaged during the holidays.