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3 Reasons Why L&D and HR Pros Should Use Chatbots

According to one Gartner report, by 2021, chatbots will take over, with more than 50% of enterprises spending more per annum on bots and chatbot creation than traditional mobile app development. And this is especially the case for competitive learning and development (L&D) and Human Resources (HR) departments, which will rely heavily on chatbots.


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Here are three reasons why you’ll want to start using chatbots for L&D and HR.

1. Chatbots Provide Just-in-Time Support

With chatbots, your organization will be able to help employees exactly when they need it, which promotes customer service across your organization. Whether they are searching for a specific course or program, need to download and fill out a specific HR-related document for their profiles, or something else, they’ll be able to do what they need to do and get the information they need when it’s relevant to them.
Additionally, chatbots will be able to help job applicants and job prospects in a more efficient way. Instead of waiting to hear back from recruiters and HR reps about their applications and application requirements, they’ll get instantaneous answers to routine questions and instantaneous updates on their applications and interviews.

2. Chatbots Offer Real-Time Personalization

With chatbots, learners can receive instant answers to their questions about courses they’re interested in taking. They will also provide learners with answers to questions regarding programs or courses they’re already taking, as well as be able to answer questions about specific learning content being used in those courses or programs.
And this helps personalize each learner’s learning experiences, as he or she will receive immediate feedback to his or her specific questions about learning content and courses that are related to his or her individual learning progress and trajectories.
In addition, chatbots will personalize each job applicant’s and each job prospect’s experience, too, as they will be able to answer each question on an individual basis. And they will be able to provide detailed information on an individual basis, too.

3. Chatbots Make Learning and HR Initiatives More Productive

Chatbots not only offer more personalized experiences but also ensure that L&D and HR professionals are more efficient. With chatbots fielding routine questions and common questions about learning materials and courses, L&D and HR professionals will be able to focus on tasks more pertinent to their roles.
Instead of fielding phone inquiries and e-mails, which can take up an exorbitant amount of time, they will be able to spend more time developing courses and learning materials, perfecting onboarding practices, and so much more.
Consider the three reasons to use chatbots outlined above if you’re interested in saving your L&D and HR departments a lot of time and money in 2019 and beyond and if you want both departments to remain competitive.