How to Use Chatbots for Learning and Development

In the new year and beyond, you’ll start to see chatbots being used for more and more things across various industries. And once you’ve read “3 Reasons Why L&D and HR Pros Should Use Chatbots,” you’ll want to start using them right away. But how? Keep reading for more information.  


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Use Bots as Tutors

Now you can implement a chatbot to be a real-time tutor for your learners. Tutor bots can ask a string of questions and offer words of encouragement to your learners when requested and get your learners to apply the knowledge or material that they should be learning.
For instance, before your learners take an assessment, they can engage with a tutor bot to test their knowledge and see what information they need to study most or to see if they know how to apply what they’ve learned via case scenarios.

Implement Bots for Mentoring

Mentor bots promote problem solving and don’t simply answer learners’ questions but encourage learners to find answers on their own. This type of bot uses high-quality and more advanced technology to process language and dialogue at more sophisticated levels so that it can engage in more Socratic methods of learning. Mentoring bots can also give learners regular feedback.

Enact Practice Bots

When learners are struggling with certain material or repeatedly failing assessments, you can enact practice bots that offer them more practice exercises or different types of exercises or practice sessions that walk them through how to execute certain tasks.
In addition, practice bots help with learning more complex tasks and skills that require multiple levels and layers of information that can only be learned over longer periods of time.
For instance, if your learners are learning a second language, they need to continually practice vocabulary and grammar they’ve already learned as they advance to higher stages of learning their second language (i.e., you can’t pronounce “cat” if you don’t first know the phonetics of “c,” “a,” and “t”).

Employ Bots to Increase Learner Engagement

Use engagement bots to keep learners engaged and motivated as they advance through courses—bots that prompt them on what to do and that entertain them while keeping them informed.
For instance, a bot that continually reminds learners of their high scores, offers words of encouragement such as “great work!” or “you got all the answers correct,” or gives them additional information or an additional challenge periodically so that they don’t get bored will keep learners more engaged.

Apply FAQ Bots

Don’t forget to use bots to answer learners’ frequently asked questions (FAQs), such as questions about where to find certain learning materials or documents or how to navigate a learning platform. And offer FAQs about popular courses or programs that you offer, too, so that learners are never left guessing what they should be doing or learning.
The above list is not an exhaustive list of how you can use chatbots for learning and development, but it offers a good place to start.