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When Hiring Temporary Employees Is Beneficial

Hiring temporary employees is a growing trend and not just around the holiday season. In 2018, 51% of employers surveyed by CareerBuilder were planning to hire temporary employees, compared to 44% that were seeking full-time talent.


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Here is when hiring temporary employees can prove more beneficial and can save you time and money.

When You Have Extra Projects

Sometimes you’ll want to hire temporary employees to help you with specific one-time projects that you and your staff won’t be able to handle on top of your everyday workloads. For example, you might want to hire temporary professionals to help you design a new course for an entirely new department your organization is operating.
Or you might want to hire someone to help you develop more and curate more content for your ongoing leadership courses for the year, so you always have updated and reliable learning content. You might also want to hire a mobile developer to help you create a new mobile learning course.

When You Need to Work with Consultants

You will also want to consider hiring temporary employees who are also experts in their fields and can consult you in how to develop and administer more specialized training or employee development.
For example, certain violence prevention and safety training programs, as well as mental health training and diversity training programs will require you to consult with experts.
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When You Need Freelance or Contract-Based Work

If you need more learning content, then you can hire skilled and reputable freelancers and contractors to help you develop and curate more content. You can also hire contract-based trainers who only teach or administer certain courses on an ongoing basis, whether it’s in person or virtually. You can also hire contractors to help you build out and design your overall learning and development goals, strategies, and plans.

When You’re Outsourcing Help

If your organization is experiencing a change, whether it be with a new learning technology or a new training and development strategy, you’ll want to consider outsourcing help to assist you in managing change for your team and for your learners.
You’ll always want to consider outsourcing help when you’re dabbling with new arenas within training and development that you’re not familiar with yet.
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If you’re interested in hiring temporary employees, keep the above information in mind.