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How to Empower Your L&D Staff to Do More This Year

The workplace learning and development (L&D) market has grown around $50 billion in the past few years and will continue to expand in 2019 and beyond as more and more organizations invest in workplace learning and employee development.empower
And while many L&D professionals will be focusing on investing in L&D technologies and platforms this year, it’s important that they also remember that having an empowered and well-prepared L&D staff is also critical to the success of all their L&D initiatives and programs.
Here’s how you can empower your L&D staff to do more this year.

Hire and Retain the Right Team Members

As you recruit, onboard, and train L&D staff members, remember that you’ll want them to have diverse backgrounds and experiences—backgrounds and experiences that also match those of the employees across your organization.
Each employee across your organization should have an L&D professional that he or she can relate to and rely on as needed, further allowing your L&D staff members to feel empowered and to empathize and respond well to employees’ needs.
And you’ll want to make sure all L&D staff members have growth mind-sets and a sincere passion for learning and helping others grow and follow their ideal career paths; if they have this passion and mind-set from the beginning, they will automatically feel empowered to help others with the resources they have at their disposal.

Encourage Them to Use Data to Make Decisions

Data will drive all business decisions in 2019, including all L&D and HR decisions. So, empower your L&D staff with data by first training them in data analytics, and then allow them to use all data at their disposal to make data-driven decisions.
For instance, L&D staff can review course participation rates and assessment scores when developing or recommending courses, and HR professionals can evaluate employee learner data to determine which employees need to be in which training programs for their charted career paths and current workplace requirements. And L&D staff should also feel empowered to develop training courses to help other employees learn how to access and use your organization’s data, too.
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Inspire Them to Learn More Themselves

If your L&D staff members are going to be effective in their roles, they need to regularly partake in learning, too, especially because it’s their responsibility to promote and enhance learning experiences across your organization.
Make sure you’re empowering them to learn as much as they need to learn to be better and more effective at their jobs and to enhance a learning culture across your organization.
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Follow the tips outlined above and you’ll have a more empowered L&D staff this year—a staff that’s better equipped to do more.