4 Ways to Get Your Learners Excited About Learning in 2019

As another year begins, you’ll want to discover newer, more practical, and more innovative ways to ensure your learners are excited to participate in both your upcoming and your more mature L&D programs and initiatives.excited

Here are four ways to get your learners more excited about learning this year.

1. Make Learning More Convenient, Expedient, and Gamified

Make sure you invest in building out mobile learning apps and platforms that your employees can easily access if you want them to get excited about learning this year. Why? Because mobile learning typically implements microlearning content, which studies indicate yields higher learner knowledge retention and engagement rates. Those same studies also indicate that learners prefer it.

Learners especially prefer mobile microlearning content that is gamified and fun—content that allows them to do things like earn rewards and badges in around 5 minutes or less. And because employees also don’t have much time to learn at work nowadays, they’ll need access to mobile learning that allows them to learn—and have fun while they’re doing so—while they’re on the go. Essentially, if you make learning more convenient, expedient, and fun this year, your learners will be much more excited about it.

2. Offer Them More Leadership Opportunities and Challenging Tasks

If you want your employees to get excited about learning at your organization, offer them leadership opportunities that interest them, and get them more invested in their own career trajectories or goals while simultaneously supporting your organization’s goals and strategies.

If you offer employees challenging learning opportunities that let them grow as individuals and professionals, they’ll become more invested in what they’re learning and more invested in your organization. Additionally, research parsed by Inc. has even indicated that employees who receive more challenging work are happier at work, too.

So, if you want your employees to excel and stay motivated while they’re learning, give them something interesting and challenging to do that is within their realm of capability but permits them to lead an interesting and challenging project or team.

3. Use AI to Personalize and Contextualize Their Learning Experiences

To keep your learners excited about learning this year, you’ll want to make sure they’re constantly encountering learning content that is only relevant to them, their learning goals, everyday work, and desired future career paths. And you’ll need platforms relying on artificial intelligence (AI) for this.

Read “The Pros and Cons of Implementing Deep-Learning AI” and “3 Best Practices for Using Deep-Learning AI” for more information.

AI-enabled learning platforms will be the only way that you’ll be able to personalize and contextualize learners’ learning experiences so that they are relevant to their individual roles, work tasks, and desired career trajectories.

4. Let Them Socialize and Submit Feedback

If you want your learners to remain excited about their learning experiences, allow them to share comments and notes about their learning experiences with their colleagues, fellow learners, managers, etc., online and in real time.

This will make their experiences more engaging and rewarding. And let them leave feedback about courses and learning content that they like and don’t like and what is great about them or needs improvement and so on, as this will always keep them engaged and involved in what they’re learning.

If you’re interested in keeping your learners excited about learning this year, be sure to do the four things outlined above.