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4 Reasons You’ll Want to Personalize Your Training and Development Initiatives in 2019

As a result of recent technological innovations, learners across industries are demanding that their employers provide them with relevant and personalized learning experiences. Below are four reasons why you’ll want to consider heeding their demands and expectations.training

1. Your Competition is Likely Already Doing It

It’s no secret that modern learning management systems (LMS) will incorporate enhanced machine learning and artificial intelligence technology to personalize learners’ experiences—to enhance the benefits of adaptive learning technology across organizations—and that most organizations are already planning to use such technology. Why?  It is because they don’t want to experience the risks now associated with outdated education and technology in the workplace. Most organizations want to invest in advanced technology for their L&D departments because they understand that L&D departments will be the most innovative departments within their organizations for a long time to come.

2. It’s Easy to Do

With the right LMS and other learning technologies in place, personalized learning is easy to implement for your organization. Once you set up your learning systems and platforms properly, they do all the hard work behind personalizing content and learning experiences for you and your learners, and all you’ll need to do is to monitor things.
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3. Your Employees Will Love It

Seventy-seven percent of L&D professionals have claimed that personalized learning content and personalized learning experiences are vital to employee engagement.  This makes sense, as employees will not want to engage with learning content that’s not relevant to their everyday work environments or tasks or that is irrelevant to their career trajectories or interests.
Furthermore, employees won’t want to engage with learning content that is too advanced or not advanced enough for them.

4. It’s Cost-Effective and Enhances Your Bottom Line

As more organizations utilize LMSs and other learning technology that’s equipped with personalized learning and adaptive learning features, it becomes less expensive for everyone.
What’s more, your current LMS might even offer a low-cost upgrade option for you to enable more personalized learning features inside your existing learning environments and platforms. Because it’s easy to implement and manage, and because your employees will love to use it, it will consistently yield a high ROI, which will positively impact your department’s and organization’s bottom line.
To outpace your competition and retain high-quality talent for your organization this year, as well as to increase the overall engagement levels of your existing employees, be sure to personalize your training and development initiatives.

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