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How to Help Employees Avoid L&D Overload or Apathy

While technology has done wonders for learning and development (L&D) in the past decade or so, it still needs to be moderated well if it’s going to remain effective.


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Here are a few ways to ensure your employees avoid L&D overload or apathy.

Manage Microlearning Apps and Initiatives

Microlearning initiated by mobile apps and devices enables employees to access personalized learning at their own convenience. However, what happens when employees engage in too many microlearning courses at once without any real guidance or are bombarded with notifications for their multitude of courses?
They will either become overwhelmed and feel they need to quickly finish every module or start ignoring their notifications altogether.
If you want your mobile and microlearning courses and apps to be effective, help your employees manage what courses they should take and when, and suggest an ideal course load.
You can even set apps to prevent employees from signing up for too many courses and make sure default notifications aren’t too frequent. Luckily, you can even automate most of these tasks with the right learning management system.
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Embrace Personalized Content Curation

To avoid overwhelmed or apathetic learners, you should integrate content curation into your L&D strategies and technology platforms. However, also make sure your learners are primarily accessing curated learning content that is interesting and relevant to them. Otherwise, they could experience information overload and become overwhelmed or apathetic as a result.
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Don’t Forget About Blended Learning

When your L&D technology is pushing your learners away rather than engaging them, don’t forget to embrace blended learning with hands-on and social learning opportunities. They’re effective and can be easier to track and personalize.
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Help Your Employees Learn When to Unplug

Above all else, if you want your learners to remain engaged, train them on when to unplug from their devices and learning apps, too. Although this might seem counterintuitive, research shows unplugging from devices is a great way to keep employees engaged and productive.
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Overall, if you want your employees to remain engaged and excited about their L&D opportunities, be sure to do the things mentioned above.

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