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Facebook Aims to Train 1 Million People by 2020—Are You Prepared?

Facebook is not exempt from involvement in the growing learning and development (L&D) industry, as the company announced in 2018 that it aims to train 1 million people by 2020 with its new Learn with Facebook site. So far, it seems to be well on its way toward reaching this goal.


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Here’s what you need to know about the training goals of Learn with Facebook as an L&D or Human Resources (HR) professional.

Training Is Currently More Niche-Specific

Learn with Facebook courses focus the most on digital marketing, data analysis, and customer service skills, especially digital marketing skills, but there currently aren’t many courses for other industries or professions.
That might be changing in the future as it continues to explore user feedback and its partnership with Goodwill, but it is unlikely that course offerings will be extended beyond those professions and jobs that are digitally based.
Though the materials are still very much based in digital, the site does offer courses for individuals who want to land a new job and training for things like acing an interview or getting promoted.

Some Training Materials Focus on Soft Skills

The Learn with Facebook platform is geared not only toward “hard” digital skills but also toward training professionals on how to use all of their skills to navigate an evolving workforce. With this platform, users can learn how to conduct a successful interview and other valuable communication skills, especially skills required for customer service, providing a more holistic training experience for current employees and future employees.

Training Is Geared Toward Those Who Want to Advance Their Careers

Courses on the Learn with Facebook platform cater more to those looking for work and who want advance in their current careers and less to existing leaders, executives, or managers. It is more of a career-development tool for novices or mid-career professionals, as well as those looking for work, which is why it partners with sites like Glassdoor and Jobs on Facebook.
Because it is not an all-inclusive L&D site, it might prove more beneficial for HR professionals and recruiters looking for new hires than for L&D professionals seeking training materials and content.

Training Is Also Aimed at Using Facebook More Effectively

Learn with Facebook courses are also designed to teach users how to better utilize social media and social media marketing, which isn’t surprising, as Facebook is the most used social media platform. These training materials could enable entrepreneurs and small business owners to multitask and use the site to learn about marketing strategies while seeking new talent—all for free.
For more details about Learn with Facebook and what it could mean for L&D and HR professionals, read “What You Need to Know About Facebook Entering the Skill-Building Space.”

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