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4 Telltale Signs Your Talent Acquisition Function Could Use a Facelift

It’s a candidate-driven market, so why aren’t you landing the top talent you need? Let’s face it, not every employer can be the “Googles” and the “Facebooks” of their industries, which leaves many employers settling for “second-best” talent after the “perfect fit” has chosen to go to their top employer of choice.  


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If you’re one of the many employers who are struggling to fill open roles, this may be a sign that your recruiting process and strategies may need to be revamped. Jobseekers want a speedy hiring process and constant communication, and if you aren’t providing either or these things, the candidate has already crossed you off their “employer of choice” list. As one expert says: it may be time to give your recruiting process a face lift.
“As organizations look to retain top talent and streamline hiring efforts, there are a few telltale signs that may indicate talent acquisition (TA) functions are in need of a facelift,” says Tara Cassady, Executive Vice President of Americas client services at Cielo—a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) solutions firm. “More specifically, there are instances where organizations should consider partnering with an outside expert to truly transform their approach to talent acquisition.”
Cassady explains a few specific signs that may mean it’s time to outsource, which include:
  1. When organizations aren’t able to satisfy their current hiring needs. Unemployment may be high, but it’s still a “seller’s market” when it comes to top, specialized talent. Outsourcing your recruitment function provides access to deeper pools of quality talent both today and in the future. If you’re struggling to fill open positions or hire at scale, it may be time to consider an RPO partner.
  2. Your organization is going global, so your recruitment must too. Companies operating globally need the right local talent to help them succeed. However, multiregional recruiting presents obstacles including distance, culture, and language. Working with a recruitment partner that has global reach and local expertise helps companies break through those barriers to find and attract the talent they need.
  3. You need to cut costs, while continuing to acquire top talent. Companies are continuing to look for ways to cut costs and increase efficiencies. RPO provides a cost-effective solution, while still delivering better quality candidates, faster. Outsourcing partners also increase new hire and employee retention, mitigating the significant costs associated with employee turnover.
  4. You and your team lack the bandwidth to focus on recruiting. Organizations are being forced to do more with less, and the HR function is no exception. When internal resources are limited, partnering with an RPO provider frees up you and your team to focus on other strategic initiatives, with the full confidence that your talent acquisition needs will be met.

Keep these four signs in mind as you review your recruitment strategy.

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