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New Technology Uses Predictive Behavioral Science for Hiring Success

While many employers like to test their candidates’ skills before extending an offer, one method for recruiting may be falling flat. That is, using observable behavior to determine which role the candidate would be perfect for.


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As PeopleKeys Managing Director, Dr. Bradley Smith recently explained, observable behavior is just the tip of the iceberg. When it comes to interviewing talent, relying on the things you can see and hear aren’t enough. To get a better idea of who the candidate is, and how he or she would fare in the role you’re placing them in, recruiters and hiring managers need to also look at the candidate’s predictive behavior.
In a recent PeopleKeys 4-Dimensions (4D) Report, the researchers found that underlying behavioral patterns and tendencies, such as values, thinking styles, attitudes, and passions are more reliable in predicting success than just our outward expression, alone. This is where predictive behavior comes into play, and fortunately, there’s new technology that can help.
PAIRIN Hiring is a SaaS-based tool that allows companies to quickly and easily identify top performers based on the behaviors and mindsets that are most important for a job role and specific company culture.
This tool is designed to provide an easy-to-navigate experience for companies to manage applicant profiles through the soft skills survey, interview, and evaluation processes of hiring. It also offers API access for seamless integration into existing Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) with support for bidirectional data transfer including single sign-on.
“Every person deserves to be considered for their abilities, not just their histories. PAIRIN Hiring revolutionizes the hiring process by creating inclusion criteria that limit the exclusion criteria of unconscious bias, and by breaking down barriers for people that may not fit the traditional mold, but have developed the qualities like determination, persistence, and optimism that employers value,” says Michael Simpson, CEO of PAIRIN—in a press release.
PAIRIN Hiring offers companies the opportunity to better manage applicant or employee progress through the survey process, control who has access to specific applicant data and enhances behavioral target capabilities.
It serves as a central location for résumé, e-mail, and behavioral interview guide storage, as well as prioritizes applicants based on the best match to top performers and company culture. Companies using PAIRIN for hiring have realized up to 65% reduction in employee turnover and an increase in employee diversity by focusing on the skills that truly make individuals successful in a specific role and organization.
While we don’t endorse this specific product, we’re just putting it on your radar, so you know which options are out there.