How to Get on the ‘Top Leadership Training Companies’ List

Training Industry recently released its 2019 Top Leadership Training Companies list, which includes organizations like the American Management Association®, Skillsoft, and others.leadership
If you want your organization to get on this list in the future—or you want to work with organizations on this list—here are some things that you should do.

Demonstrate Thought Leadership in the Leadership Training Industry

Your organization must conduct original and important industry research to be considered a top leadership training company, as well as share its findings via white papers and books, for instance. It should also host panels and symposiums to create a strong presence in the leadership training community on a national or international level, in addition to having a strong online and social media presence, which makes it easy for other leadership training experts or entities to share your original research and access and engage with it.

Expand Your Audience of Learners and Course Offerings

Leaders in the leadership training industry should have the desire and means to expand their audience via cloud-based or mobile-based options that are offered to both internal and external learners, as well as work to offer diverse and relevant leadership training courses and materials and have a variety of training options.

Work on Growing Your Organization’s Revenue and Overall Size

Leadership training offerings and thought leadership should result in financial success and allow an organization to grow and scale. Therefore, at a minimum, leadership training offerings should indicate a high potential for company or organizational growth.

Contribute to Innovations Inside the Leadership Training Industry

Innovation is paramount to any organization that wants to demonstrate thought leadership and scalability within the leadership training industry, so organizations should innovate new leadership training programs, courses, learning mediums, strategies, approaches, etc., if they are to be viewed as some of the best and most relevant options for leadership training.  

Nurture a Portfolio of Strong Clients and Geographic Research

An organization must have clients and partners that are considered strong leaders within the leadership training industry if it wants to be considered one of the best leadership training companies. In addition, it should conduct strong geographic research to not only expand its audience, thought leadership, revenue, and size but also help close any learning gaps that exist across geographic regions.
Keep the best practices outlined above in mind if you want your organization to be considered one of the best leadership training companies.