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6 Types of Content Your Employees Should Know How to Create

There are many reasons why you want your employees to be content creators at and for your organization. When your employees are content creators, you can implement a culture of learning at your organization, endorse transparent communications, and so much more. But you must make sure that your employees know how to create certain types of content first.


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Here are six types of content that you’ll want your employees to know how to create.

1. Videos

According to one Cisco study, video content will make up around 80% of the content that’s on the Internet this year. People consume a lot of video content and enjoy making a lot of video content.
Make sure your employees have the right tools to make video content, that they have appropriate guidelines in place for making video content, etc. They can make video content to help one another and keep one another informed.
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2. How-To Articles

Employees should write how-to articles about common best practices and procedures at your organization. Such articles will be especially helpful when cross-training employees and for remote employees who aren’t able to stop by a coworker’s desk when they have a question about everyday things.
For example, an employee who conducts data analytics for an organization can write how-to articles about how to use your company’s data visualization software, which could help employees in your digital marketing department and other departments.

3. Social Media Posts

Whether you like it or not, employees engage on social media while they’re at work and during work hours. So, instead of banning employees from using social media, encourage them to create social media posts that will benefit your organization.
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4. Peer Reviews and Recognition

Encourage employees to write respectful and thoughtful reviews about one another’s work and to recognize one another’s work. Doing this will encourage a more collaborative and innovative culture at your organization.

5. Industry-Related Content and Research

When employees conduct original research as they develop new products or services, have them write about and share their findings with others at your organization. Sharing and discussing industry-related research this way will help your organization remain collaborative, innovative, and competitive.

6. Branded Content

When your employees are creating how-to articles, social media posts, and industry-related research, instruct them to use a certain style, tone, or format that aligns with your company’s brand and branding guidelines. Your marketing and sales teams can easily repurpose a lot of the content other employees create for marketing campaigns, sales campaigns, etc.
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