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Industry Peer, Inspired eLearning, Wins 4 ‘Communicator Awards’

Communication is essential in any organization—hence the motivation behind the Communicator Awards, which bills itself as “the leading international awards program recognizing big ideas in marketing and communications.” But these awards aren’t just specific to the marketing arena. As the results of the 25th annual Communicator Awards demonstrate, big players in training and eLearning are being recognized, as well.


Source: Athitat Shinagowin / iStock / Getty Images

Kudos to Inspired eLearning

“Inspired eLearning was recognized with four awards of distinction for their instructional videos on cryptojacking, social engineering, and fake news. Three of the awards were for ‘Online Video—Training’ and one award was for ‘Best Use of Animation,’” according to a press release.

Inspired eLearning says it is “committed to delivering eLearning solutions of the absolute highest quality, ones which don’t simply check a box, but which drive positive and measurable changes in organizational culture as well.”

The focus of the training behind the Inspired eLearning awards is telling. Nefarious organizations worldwide are increasingly relying on the use of social media and other online outlets and tools to deceive and influence both individuals and private and public organizations. Understanding the strategies these bad actors use and how to spot and avoid falling prey to them is essential for all organizations.

The Importance of Effective Training Efforts

It’s one thing to provide e-mails and white papers to employees about the dangers of such techniques and how to identify and address them, but it’s another to use modern media tools like video and animation to add an extra dimension to that training and more effectively drive the main points home.

For training to be effective, it needs to capture the attention of its audience and successfully convey information to that audience—not just in the short term but in the long term.

In other words, effective training requires effective communication. It should be no surprise, therefore, to see a company like Inspired eLearning and its efforts at using video training and animation highlighted so prominently at an awards event focused on effective communication.