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What You Need to Know About ‘Open Source’ for L&D

“Open source” platforms and ideas have been common in the software development industry for years. It involves developers sharing and accessing “open source” code free of charge with the intention of collaborating and innovating new programs and technology with each other’s knowledge and efforts.source

And now, with the advent and growing popularity of cloud-based platforms and social sharing practices, the learning and development (L&D) industry is starting to nose dive into the open source space, too. Here’s what you need to know about open source as an L&D professional.

Popular Open Source Learning Management Systems (LMSs)

Popular open source LMSs are valuable in the L&D space because they are highly customizable. Organizations can select which LMS features and tools they want to implement and manage. The best open source LMSs have a variety of features and tools, as well as a vibrant and knowledgeable community of coders and L&D professionals.

Social Learning Is a Critical Part of Open Source L&D

Without access to social learning features and tools, coders and L&D professionals wouldn’t be able to collaborate and develop or implement open source L&D LMSs or courses as quickly and effectively as they do—and perhaps not at all. Learners also wouldn’t be able to learn from one another and alongside one another without social learning components in their mobile and e-learning experiences.

L&D in 2019 and beyond—especially open source L&D—requires social learning avenues and approaches because everyone from employees to managers to executives uses mobile devices and seeks ways to collaborate, learn, and connect via mobile apps.

User-Generated and -Curated Content Is Important to Open Source L&D

Open source L&D requires user-generated content. Whether it’s code for a new LMS implementation or curated video content for a new L&D course or program, open source cannot exist in L&D without user-generated or -curated content. Open source content is the backbone of open source L&D.

Strategic Partnerships Are Vital to the Success of Open Source L&D

Without strategic partnerships, open source L&D platforms and implementations won’t be very successful because their success relies on collaboration and innovation across business sectors and teams.

Essentially, open source L&D in the workplace is important for the success of professional education in the digital age. So, keep the above information and tips in mind as you implement and manage it.

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