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Could LinkedIn Become Your One-Stop Shop for All Things Recruiting?

Social media is a great way to connect with jobseekers and build your talent pipelines, but could one networking site completely transform your recruiting strategies?


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LinkedIn—aka the Facebook for working professionals—is used by many recruiters to source and engage talent. Now, the social media site is taking recruitment to a whole new level by becoming your one-stop shop for all things recruitment.

During its 10th annual Talent Connect conference, LinkedIn unveiled new tools and shared insights into some of the things the company has developed over the last year. Some of these include:

  • An analytics tool. LinkedIn Talent Insights was released late last year and taps into LinkedIn’s giant professional network to give recruiters the insights they need. Now, more than 1,500 companies are actively using this new tool, which offers real-time data, to better plan their workforce strategy. During the conference, LinkedIn announced that this tool would be integrated into the new LinkedIn Recruiter & Jobs experience.
  • A more streamlined recruiting experience. LinkedIn Recruiter & Jobs streamlines the recruiter experience by integrating all the features of LinkedIn Recruiter into one app. The new mobile app, available by the end of 2019, “includes a better messaging experience, notifications when you need them, and easy management of your Projects and candidate pipeline.” You can now send/receive messages and real-time notifications from candidates, as well as search for relevant candidates, and collaborate with your team.
  • An applicant tracking system (ATS). LinkedIn Talent Hub “brings your information from LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn Jobs, Apply with LinkedIn, and more into one platform for simple sourcing, candidate management, and hiring.” According to LinkedIn, “This end-to-end hiring platform provides data-fueled insights and best-in-class collaboration tools to drive efficiency and effectiveness for our customers, and an overall better experience for candidates.”
  • A skills assessment tool. LinkedIn Skill Assessments allow candidates to take tests on the skills they have—such as HTML, Java, and more—and the results can be viewed easily by recruiters. This new tool eliminates the need for candidates to take assessments during the hiring process and instead allows them to take assessments on the go. According to LinkedIn, “When recruiters search for ‘java’ or ‘photoshop,’ we can make sure that members with verified skills show up. In turn, helping reduce the time to find quality hires.”

During the event, LinkedIn also announced that it had partnered with Oracle and iCIMS to make sourcing candidates much easier. LinkedIn’s Recruiter System Connect (RSC) will integrate LinkedIn Recruiter with ATS giants Oracle and iCIMS to simplify candidate sourcing.

“This will simplify the hiring process for Oracle and ICIMS customers by integrating their applicant tracking systems with LinkedIn Recruiter,” says LinkedIn. “This will provide rich insights and end-to-end visibility of the candidate journey from sourcing to hire, and eliminate the need to manually copy and paste between systems to help recruiters work more effectively.”

As LinkedIn works to become the be-all and end-all recruiter tool of choice, we’ve got to ask: Will you be switching over to LinkedIn to fill all your talent sourcing needs?