A Case Study on Recruiting Using Facebook Messenger

Candidate communication is vital for jobseekers and recruiters alike. For candidates, consistent and informative communication offers them a better candidate experience, resulting in good reviews for your employer brand. And for recruiters, these communications help them better understand candidates, which allows them to find the role that suits candidates best.


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One communication avenue that’s gaining traction among recruiters is social media, but according to our annual recruiting survey, a majority of respondents (70%) claim they aren’t encouraged to interact with candidates via social media.

Furthermore, 74% say that social media interactions haven’t been all that important in their recruiting process. This seems like a missed opportunity when it comes to finding top talent. And if you aren’t convinced, maybe this case study from Facebook will change your mind.

Facebook Messenger Reduces Cost Per Hire

According to a Facebook blog post, Alorica—a global customer experience company with a strong presence in the Philippines—”used Messenger to create a smoother and more effective recruiting process for employees and candidates alike, reducing the cost per hire by 84%.”

In order to achieve this amazing metric, Alorica turned to Facebook Messenger with the goal of creating a smarter, more efficient process to find and recruit candidates. The company’s Philippines location is responsible for recruiting thousands of customer service positions across 17 Alorica locations every year, so finding a way to effectively communicate with candidates was vital.

In order to make Messenger work for the company, Alorica partnered with Talkpush, a recruitment platform compatible with Messenger. According to Facebook, “Through the Messenger and Talkpush integration, recruiters can screen, evaluate and hire candidates faster than ever before.”

The results of the integration were immediate! Alorica reports that it could handle simultaneous inquiries, provide real-time responses, and conduct initial screenings—all through Facebook Messenger. “Even better, the team could do it 24/7, which drastically increased the number of candidates they could assess and hire,” says the blog post.

It Also Allows for More In-Depth Interviews and Saves Time

You may be thinking, “What’s so special about Messenger? I use the same app to talk to my aunt in California.” Let Alorica convince you otherwise! According to Facebook, Alorica is also able to conduct in-depth question-and-answer sessions with applicants through Messenger. “Recruiters can access candidates’ responses and follow up with next steps by phone, which keeps candidates excited about the process and increases the likelihood of an in-person interview,” says Facebook.

Remember that cost-per-hire metric we mentioned earlier? By integrating Talkpush and Messenger, Alorica was able to interview 3,000 candidates in just 3 months. It used to take the company that long just to find 900 candidates! By utilizing this technology, the recruiters were able to save over 12,000 hours of work and saw an increase of 15% in conversion rates compared with the 5% traditional methods produced.

If you’ve been convinced and want to start communicating with candidates via Messenger today, check out this article, which will walk you through the process of integrating your company’s Facebook business page with the Messenger app.