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Top 10 Articles of 2019: Part 2

Here at the HR Daily Advisor, it is literally our job to provide our audience with the very best in HR-related news, research, and guidance. Yesterday, we looked at numbers 6 through 10 of the top articles from 2019. Today, we’ll look at the top 5!


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#5 What Causes Negative Employee Morale?’

With low employee engagement rampaging through workplaces, many want to know what really causes it to happen. Here are two dozen causes and a number of fixes.

#4 ‘Eight Modern Personality Assessment Tools for Your HR Team’

There are so many different personality assessment tools out there that it can be overwhelming to know where to begin when you need one. In this article, we provide guidance on eight of them.

#3 The Most Effective Training Methods’

Whatever the problems at your organization may be, the answer is almost always training, training, training. But if you are not careful, your training might, at best, be ineffective or, at worst, cause more problems. In this article, we look at which methods are most effective.

#2 ‘The Do’s and Don’ts of Workplace Documentation’

Documentation: How can something so tedious and dull be so important? Well, when there are state and federal guidelines regulating what you have to keep, for how long, and with whom you can and can’t share it, you had better get it right. This guidance can help you along the way.

#1 ‘What to Do When an Employee Dies’

The number 1 article of 2019, by far, covers a topic that a lot of people don’t really want to talk about—and for good reason. But what do you do when an employee dies? During such a difficult time, it’s important that HR handle things correctly, beginning with an immediate response.

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