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Why HR Should Care About the Company Website

Creating, maintaining, and updating your organization’s Web presence is not typically HR’s job, but the HR team should have a vested interest in how the website looks and functions and how well it coordinates with the rest of the company’s online presence.

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HR and Organizational Web Presence: Hiring and Recruiting Impacts

A company’s online presence has a direct impact on hiring and recruiting, which is why HR should be involved in creating its website.

Would-be applicants look to an organization’s website to see not only what the company does but also what it’s like to work there. If HR doesn’t have input in the website’s design, that second part may be left out.

Potential candidates also look at a company’s Web page to find the application process. Those who are already familiar with the company may start their job search there, and others may discover the site after finding the job posting elsewhere and expect to be able to apply online. The career section of an organization’s website should also be up to date and user-friendly, as well as have a streamlined application process that flows into the rest of the recruiting workflow.

Additionally, jobseekers typically research an organization’s social media presence. From a recruitment standpoint, it’s important the messaging on social media has a consistent voice to cement the employment brand, so HR’s input regarding the company’s culture can be impactful for recruiting. However, this is an area some organizations overlook.

Without HR’s input on a company’s website and social media channels, its online messaging may not be optimized for potential new employees. HR needs to be able to interact with those responsible for all parts of the organization’s online presence to ensure the employment brand is highlighted and the messaging is consistent. HR should also ensure the company’s Web presence reflects the organizational values and clearly demonstrates what it’s like to work for the company. Applicants should be able to get a clear view of what the company is like through its website and social media.

Yet another aspect of this is responsiveness. Because HR questions often come via online channels unrelated to job posts, HR’s involvement in website design and social media is important in showing candidates the organization is responsive to queries in a timely manner.

Given all this, it’s surprising how many organizations do not directly involve HR in the design and implementation of their website. What has your organization done on this front? Does the HR team get involved in website updates? Is there a section devoted to job posts that the HR team has access to? Is there a way HR can have input on social media posts for all of the same reasons? What has your experience been?

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