What Questions Will Candidates Ask?

A recent survey by Zety of 500 professionals yielded some interesting results. It sought to understand the most common questions interviewers expected candidates to ask, as well as the most common questions asked by interviewers. The results also explored some of the most bizarre questions asked by either candidates or interviewers and hiring managers’ worst interview experiences.

Most Common Questions Asked by Interviewers

If you are wondering what questions not to ask for a more interesting interview, this list is for you. The number one most asked question was “Tell me about yourself.” You can see more in this graph.

Questions Interviewers Expect Candidates to Ask

Everyone has expectations going into an interview. While candidates often practice answers to some of the most common questions, which we saw above, interviewers have a list of responses they expect to have to give. The number one expected question was “Can you show me examples of projects I’d be working on?” No surprises there!

Most Unusual Questions Asked by Interviewers

In this survey, hiring managers provided the most unusual questions interviewers ask. The full results are in the graphic, but personally, I’m a fan of “Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost at night?” It always seemed to me like it gained flavor overnight. What do you think?

Most Unusual Questions Asked by Candidates During Job Interviews

Hiring managers have to be quick on their feet because savvy candidates have had a lot of practice. That means they might occasionally ask a razor-sharp question like “What’s the salary of the best-performing employee?” Waffling on such a question won’t exactly inspire confidence in the prospective employee. See some of the other unique questions in this graphic.

Worst Interview Experiences

Anytime you put two strangers in a room, the opportunity for awkward and bizarre experiences increases. Take a look at these awful experiences to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

You can find out more about the survey here.