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That’s a Wrap on Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Week!

As Recruiting & Talent Acquisition Week comes to a close, we want to take a look back at all the offerings and events that transpired throughout this exciting week!


“Faces of HR” Interview | Vicki Salemi, Monster Career Expert

In this special issue of “Faces of HR,” editor Jim Davis explores the balancing act that is recruiting in 2021 and beyond. From the great rehiring to the great resignation, there is plenty to talk about. He was joined by Vicki Salemi a Career Expert at Monster. Vicki is a former corporate recruiter, author, speaker, and columnist based in New York City.

Read the full interview, here.

Panel Discussion | Is Your Hiring Process Helping or Hindering Your Ability to Attract the Best Talent?

In this engaging discussion, industry experts gathered in a remote setting to discuss how organizations can recruit during the hiring crisis and how to handle talent who are rapidly shifting roles. The session was led by Barb Bruno, President of Good as Gold Training and Eric Edelsberg, Vice President of CultureFit Technology Staffing and moderated by editor Jim Davis.

To access the on-demand discussion, click here.


HR Works Podcast | Hispanic Recruiting Trends with Jacob M. Monty, Attorney, Monty & Ramirez LLP

In this recruiting-themed HR Works episode, host Jim Davis discusses the hiring landscape for organizations with large Hispanic workforces with expert and attorney Jacob M. Monty. Monty is the Managing Partner and Founder at Monty & Ramirez LLP in Texas. Learn everything from what the legal immigration landscape looks like to important but often overlooked details surrounding I-9 compliance, and much more.

Listen to the episode, here.

Educational Session | Recruiting for Tomorrow’s Greatest Teams: 10 Things to Remember in 2021 

With the light at the tunnel brighter than it has been in months and companies working hard to build and grow their teams, an astonishing 52% of people are interested in taking a new job this year. How is it that we can tell the right story to attract the right people and seamlessly bring them on to our teams? Yesterday’s best practices aren’t necessarily “best” today and changes to the story we tell and how we attract incredible candidates must evolve. In this engaging and thought-provoking session, presenter and workplace and talent expert Eric Termuende discussed:

  • What a ‘best’ culture means and how to tell a better story
  • Video interview techniques that work
  • How to build a strong virtual candidate experience
  • Where culture lives and how to differentiate the job posting
  • How to increase diversity at the top of the funnel

To access the on-demand session, click here.


Research Report | The Work Institute’s 2021 Retention Report: COVID Edition

According to research, the average cost of one bad hire is $14,900, which is why talent retention is a key component to the talent acquisition process. Employers must focus on retaining talent for the long-term, if they want to save money in the long-run. This in-depth research report from the Work Institute covers the impact COVID-19 had on employee-turnover. Learn the critical steps employers should take now, to improve retention today!

Download your free copy, here.

Fireside Chat with Jason Averbook | Rebuilding Hiring and What Changes Are Here to Stay?

With nearly every hiring team having hit the reset button in some capacity last year, hiring processes have flipped. We’ve rapidly adopted new tools and solutions to meet the moment, but now that we have, will we ever go back to hiring as it was before? In this fireside chat, HireVue CHRO Andy Valenzuela and Jason Averbook, Cofounder and CEO of Leapgen, discuss shifts in the hiring process that have taken place over the past year and what changes they think should stay for good as we start to rebuild.

To access the on-demand fireside chat, click here.


Now and Next InfographicRecruiting and Talent Acquisition

Given the collective reopening of the business world and the resurgence in hiring, coupled with the growing importance of DEI-focused efforts and the development of a remote candidate experience, hiring has never been more challenging. We asked talent acquisition experts to weigh in on the current state and predicted future of hiring and recruitment. Download this infographic to learn more.

Download your free copy, here.

Fireside Chat | What HR Professionals Can and Can’t Enforce When Employees Return to Work

If anyone knows how to go beyond résumés to uncover the hidden attributes that make for superstar candidates, it’s a former Chief of the CIA Recruitment Center. There are certain characteristics, such as self-awareness, ability to navigate complexity, and potential to learn and grow, as well as values, like integrity, teamwork, and independent thinking that are critical to success in high-stakes, high-pressure environments that simply can’t be discovered from résumés alone.

To access the on-demand fireside chat, click here.

Stay Tuned for More Exciting Events!

If you enjoyed this week’s event, mark your calendars for HR Appreciation: Leadership Week 2021, from August 2—6, 2021. We spend so much time talking about how HR can serve their organizations, that we often forget the brave HR folks like you and all of the challenging hard work that you accomplish. This week is for you! Register for our afternoon events, here, and stay tuned for exciting content!