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Favorites from 2021: Diversity Insight

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) is an important and ongoing strategy of any HR plan. Ensuring that your company supports hiring, engaging, and retaining diverse workers with varied backgrounds will set your company up for long-term success and an increased bottom line.

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Throughout the past year at HR Daily Advisor, we aimed to provide the latest strategies for talent management, key insights from diversity leaders, case studies on DE&I in the workplace, and so much more.

In case you missed a few articles along the way, don’t fret! Here are some of our favorite Diversity Insight features from 2021:

5 Ways Companies Can Support Mental Health, Beginning with Empathy

How can companies support their employees’ mental health? It starts with empathy. Empathy in the workplace is caring about people as human beings and recognizing they have lives outside of work. Below are some simple ways to support employee mental health and cultivate a more empathetic work environment. 

Neurodiversity Is an Untapped Pool of Immense Potential

Neurodiverse individuals have perspectives, skills, and talents that can provide organizations with a competitive edge. Hiring and supporting neurodiverse employees creates a more equitable, inclusive, productive, and innovative workplace.

Many Roles Lead to Multiple Impacts

Tauhidah Shakir is Vice President of HR and CDO at Paylocity, fits the traditional titular CDO role but who, like many of the DEI professionals we’ve spoken to, followed a nontraditional path to her current role.“

Is Recruitment Bias Hampering Your Chances of Success?

Recruiters can be prone to unconscious bias during the hiring process. This inadvertently perpetuates discriminatory decisions, which can have a damaging effect for both the candidate and employer. But what’s more is that, for businesses, consistently hiring the wrong personnel can also be detrimental to financial performance.

Steve Pemberton on the Value of Workplace Diversity to the Larger Society

Steve Pemberton has come a long way since he entered the foster care system as a toddler. The chief HR officer at workplace recognition company, Workhuman, chronicled his life story in a book released in 2012 that was subsequently made into a movie.

Synergy Between Personal and Professional Passions Drives Meaningful Change

Often, those who truly excel in their careers have strong synergy between their personal and professional lives. Shelly McNamara, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer at Procter & Gamble (P&G), is a great example.

Summer Hammons: Finding Her Way into Diversity, Equity, and Belonging

While some have had their current role in their sights since they were children, others seem to stumble into their fields completely by chance. Wealth management firm Aspiriant’s new Chief People Officer, Summer Hammons, says she falls into this second category. 

We hope you’ve enjoyed this lookback at some our favorite DE&I coverage from 2021 on HR Daily Advisor. To keep up with the latest insights, profiles, and coverage from the DE&I community, be sure to subscribe to our biweekly newsletter, Diversity Insights, by clicking here.

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