5 Signs Showing it’s High Time to Change Your Online Office Tools Stack

In today’s business world, online office tools dictate the growth and success of many, if not all, companies, hence the need to keep them up to date. Technology is constantly evolving, so your information technology team needs to reevaluate your organization’s online infrastructure regularly. 

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This process can be tiresome because it is continuous, but there are warning signs that it’s time to change your tools stack. In this article, we discuss five of those signs, focusing on areas that need constant assessment, along with the risks involved should you ignore these signs.

Limited Functionality

The main reason businesses adopt online tools is to improve work operations and their functionality. The market is flooded with different types of software that promise to streamline office operations, but unfortunately, they don’t all deliver the same level of functionality. Some have more weaknesses than others. For example, if your team depends on multiple systems to complete simple tasks, it may be time to change your software to one with better integration with other applications. 

In the same way, if you are unable to consolidate all your data in one place, it’s a big sign you need a different tool with bigger storage. Another sign is limited collaboration. In 2021 alone, 80% of employees were reported to be relying more on collaboration tools for their operations, signaling that they are now part of the employee experience. If an office application is lacking in this area, it’s a sign it needs to be changed. Otherwise, you risk ruining employee performance. 

Office tools with limited functionality are time-consuming and affect business productivity. So what can a business do to improve its productivity? Adopt new and better applications.

Change in Business Direction

The business world is now more dynamic than ever, and businesses are frequently changing their direction and scaling new heights, such as by expanding into a global market or becoming a remote-first or hybrid company. The presence of such growth strategies is a signal for a change in office technology. If a company is considering operating in a borderless labor market, it may be time to drop local payroll software and switch to a global payroll system that supports payroll compliance in various countries. 

When adopting multiple in-country projects, you may need a new tools stash for better tracking of those projects. The bigger the new company explorations are, the more complex business becomes, signaling the need for new office tools to simplify processes. The bottom line is that every business needs to be equipped with the necessary technology to support any new needs.

Security Breach Incidents

Another alarming sign of the need for new online tools is unauthorized access to a company’s server. Not only do these illegal hacking incidents result in data loss, but there is also privacy invasion. If your company experiences any online security breach, regardless of the form and shape, you should consider reviewing your operational software, drop those with poor security, and adopt better alternatives. 

Remember, even a small e-mail phishing scam reveals big security problems with the technology you use. Any company that does not change its online tools after it experiences security breach incidents or cyberattacks risks losing its customer base and damaging its corporate image. All that can be viewed as unsafe by the public. 

High Maintenance Fees

The maintenance cost of office technology is quite high. To keep work processes operational, most software applications need constant support, and most companies rely on engineers for ongoing preventive, diagnostics, and improvements. While all these are essential processes, the maintenance bill should not cripple the business. If the cost of maintaining online tools is cutting your profits by a significant margin, that could be a sign it’s time for a change.

Therefore, review and compare the maintenance bill against the cost of purchasing new online office tools or, even better, the cost of purchasing customized solutions unique to your business needs. If a cheaper alternative is available, that’s a sign for any business to jump in and purchase it, provided it meets the needs of the business.

An Increase in Employee Complaints Regarding Online Office Tools

To assess if your work software is still offering good usability for your employees, check for their reviews of the tools available. If the feedback is mostly negative and there is an emphasis on the weak points of the online office system, such as super slow applications, constant blackouts, and limited functionality, it is time for you to change the technology the company uses.

For employees, it is quite frustrating to work with tools with poor functionality. Slow tools and outdated software zap out employee morale because they directly affect how employees perform their jobs. Therefore, if employees raise any problems regarding office technology, that is a clear warning sign for you to consider adopting a new system. The new interactive applications available today form a part of modern employee engagement strategies, so you should constantly update them.


You are only as good in business as the online office tools you have. The best software will move your company forward, so make sure you constantly update your tools stash. Efficiency and effectiveness in technology solutions are a must for any business; keep an eye on these to prevent your business from lagging. 

Companies that experience the biggest wins make use of the best online tools, and they don’t hesitate to change or update them.  

Samantha Clark is a Warrington College of Business graduate, and she works for professional accounting firm ThePayStubs. She handles all client relations with top-tier partners and found her passion in writing articles on various finance and business-related topics.